First psaudio gear! New SGCD owner - any tips?

Just got a 2mo-old almost unused psaudio SGCD dac (was debating between direct stream jr and this). My regular gear is NuPrime integrated with LS50 monitors in my living room. I also have an Ice1200AS2 amp that I wanted to experiment with and hence needed a DAC/pre.

Initial impressions: slightly less bright than my Nuprime ESS9018 based system. Warm-ish and more bass (is that deliberate?).

Any tips? How long does it take to break in?

I really connected spiritually after 60 hours. I can get lots of detail even at volumes under 10. The M700s probably have a lot to do with such power.

Thx. Have connected my chrome cast audio and turned on internet radio at a low volume for break in.

I can see the system clear at low volumes.

Keep in mind the system need not be on for the DAC to break in. It just needs to be plugged into your preamp or amp.

Didn’t get that. Just turn the dac and amp and not pass anything though it?

You don’t need to have the amp on just the Chromecast and the preamp/dac but if the amp is the Class D 1200AS leave it on all the time anyways. Did you buy one of the Mivera amps?

Thx for the tip. Yes it’s a Mivera.

I recently replaced the supplied power cord with a modestly priced aftermarket one and was truely amazed how much more the sound opened up.
I know this is a contentious issue but… borrow/loan one and try for yourself.

Thx. What power cord did you buy.

Its probably not much help to you, but is was custom made by Audio Principe in Australia. Here there are very few power plugs with AUS/NZ compliance hence the custom shielded cable with 2.5mm conductors and Furitech plugs and IEC connector.
If your in the US, you have heaps of options. As I said… try and trial something affordable from a dealer and see if it also works for you!

I’m sorry, my post was poorly worded.

To break in the DAC all you need to is to turn it on and send it a musical signal while it is connected to your preamp/amp. The preamp/amp need not be on. The DAC just needs a load on its output. The load is present whether the preamp/amp is on or not.

Thx. I have put the volume at 0 and loaded my power amp too. I think it could also do with a little bit of break in (class D, Ice1200AS2)!

From the experience of breaking one of the Mivera’s in it will take several hundred hours and sounds best left on all the time. It uses very little current at idle. I have and old OPPO DVD player from early 2000’s that I break out for break-in duties. Just put in a disc, put it on repeat at minimum volume and walk away. For a temporary change, in my main system I have replaced the BHK pair with the Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE and the Mivera and it sounds quite good.

Start saving money. You’ll be buying more music. Enjoy the new DAC. :slight_smile:


thx… am breaking both with my chromecast audio … I had discounted what this $35 gadget could do for me.