P12 vs P20

Just got my P20 today to replace my P12. Everything that was plugged to the P12 is now plugged into the P20 and now I also added my 65" 4k TV.
The P12 is incredible sounding already!! With it in my system, I didn’t feel my system could sound better!! The P20 took it to another level I had not imagined!! The first thing I notice is the bass has enormous power and control!! The transients has a density with great impact!! The cymbal crashes also has more density and power!! Everything holds together much better when the going gets rough!! The images in the back of the soundstage has more presence better textured!! That’s with only 4 hours of break in and using the 15 amp power cord. The video is also the best I’ve ever seen it!!
I use the same WW Platinum Electra 7 power cord as with the P12. The P12 has SR Orange fuse with Isoacoustic Orea feet. The P 20 is completely stock. I ordered a Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Beeswax SHD fuse for the P20. We shall see if that can improve the P20 further.
As good as the P12 is, and I really thought nothing could be much better, I have to say, the p20 is really in another league!! It is definitely a keeper!


Congrats on the upgrade.

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Awesome. Indeed. Hard to believe but once your experience what aP20 can do there’s just no going back. Thanks for sharing.

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Very same here from a wonderful highly recommended P12
to a P15 improvement in soundstage sound quality.

The sound is a lot more relaxed over the P12 given the P15’s
greater power handling (not a P20 though) currently running
orange fuses in all my gear…

P15, Parasound A21 amp, Emotiva XSP1 Gen 2, using Pangea
AC 9SE MkIIs wall to P15 and AC14SE MkIIs to sources.

One day I may get isolation feet for my gear…but for the exception
of a tv with 2 channel system…all waymanchen has shared
with us is echoed the same result with my system…going
from an already phenomenally good P12…the P15 is in another

Though my P15 has just 3.5 days run time…it is amazing…!!

Waymanchen thank you for sharing…you inspired me to share
my story as well…

For those of you thinking of about purchasing a PS Audio regenerator
take opportunity of the Power Play promo…I could not have acquired
my P15 without this promo and that a good friend wanted my P12.
Now my friend has a great upgrade.
The difference made the whole thing doable. Thanks friend!!

Waymanchen am desiring to hear your beeswax fuse review…
please let us know…

Happy trails everyone!!!


One thing musical I overlooked is the seldom mentioned
musical rest.

The P15 with its power upgrade over the P12 is that musical
rests half or full are resolved with and with such a relaxed
thereness…wow…these occur with such expression …
Bringing more completeness to the soundscape…

Thanks Paul and PS Audio team…keep on keeping on!!


Yes, and thanks @Paul for the promo and making these magnificent regenerators accessible to more people!
I also am going a little beyond my budget since I have many more things I like to try to make my system more enjoyable. But what the heck, some of these upgrades are so stimulating and exciting! This seem like a never ending journey!


Strongly empathize…you said it quite well !!

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Only you can decide when it’s ‘good enough’. I’m content with my P10.

The P10 is a marvelous beast. I have one and recently bought a P15. The jump from P5 to P10 was a lot bigger than P10 to P15. But it’s a win win for me as I have been able to keep the P10 for use in another system.


If you’re happy with the P10, that’s fine. I’m just writing about my experience with the P12 and P20. I love the P12. It’s just that after trying the P20, I’ve discovered how much better my system can sound! I’m rediscovering my music collection again! Like Paul say, no going back!


A 20 amp dedicated line is worthwhile. Then you can use the 20 amp power input on the p-20. It definitely is an improvement. I apologize if this has been discussed already in this thread.

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I have four 20 amp circuits at my stereo, all ran with #10 wires. I just need one for the P20. Before the regenerators, I was running power conditioners from each circuit. Now the other three circuits just sit idle. But the sound has evolved where with just the one circuit powering the P20, the sound is head and shoulder better than all four circuits combined with the power conditioners!! And yes, the dedicated lines was much improved and sounded much better than the old existing original power.


Sounds like you’re all set. I added a 20 amp Audioquest hurricane power cord from outlet to the p-20 and my sound got even better. -Found used on Audiogon for $900.


Some people may think that a power cord before a regenerator shouldn’t matter since the power is newly regenerated. I find that is not the case and a good power cord before a regenerator can have a profound effect on the sound. A good power cord also improves the sound after a regenerator.


Waymanchen you are right on with this…

In my case having Pangea AC 9SE MkII 7 gauge power cables before my
P15 and the same to my Parasound A21 allow unrestricted power and
current feeding my amp and from P15 to sources Pangea AC14SE MkIIs…

Years ago went from a stock cord to a AC12 from wall to Quintessence
which improved the overall sq…then came P5 and the Pangeas…

The goal is to remove the restrictions that inhibit power and current flow.


I got my Audio Magic Ultimate Premier Beeswax SHD fuse today! They recommend I break it in for 125 hours before assessment of it’s performance. But only a few hours in, I can already hear what this fuse is doing! There is more clarity and enhances the performance of my P20 to another level!! The enhancement is even more pronounced than what I experienced when I put the SR Orange fuse in my P12!! It’s unfortunate these fuses are so expensive, otherwise I would be replacing all my other components Orange fuses with these incredible sounding Beewax’s!!!


I have a request, if you still have P12, can you insert this new fuse into it and assess how the SQ changes compared to the previous fuse.

Moving the P20 around is very difficult, but I still have the 5amp Orange fuse from the P12. Putting a little smaller amperage into the P20 should be fine. Then I can compare the Orange with the Beewax! I’ll report when I get around to it.

Thank you for your message. I have SR Orange fuses in the P5, DMP and DSD. If Ultimate Premier Beeswax SHD fuses gave much better sound, their price would be acceptable. After all, we have already committed greater madness.
I recently had a P12 at home and in my system (with 4 Verastarr Grand Illusion Signature cables) it did not improve the sound quality over the P5.

I just compared all three fuses on the P20 and forget it, the Beeswax is the clearcut runaway winner!! More palpable presence, more clearer backstage and transients than the Orange and stock fuses!!! The Orange is slightly better than the stock being a little less veiled, but the Beeswax is a whole another story!! That’s the one that’s staying in my system for sure, and it’s not even broken in yet!!