Lambda/Ultralink11 v Perfect Wave Dac/Transport

PS Audio Lambda/Ultralink11 v Perfect Wave Dac/Transport

Good morning everyone. A quick question, I have an Ultralink/Lambda, that I bought new 27 years ago. It sounds as good today as when I got it. My question is, if I change to a perfect wave transport and dac, will I notice much of an improvement, or has anyone already done this?

I know it’s probably an obvious answer, but listening to my current dac/transport, with Unison Research valve amps, driving Apogees, it’s hard to believe that you could get an improvement in the sound. I did ask PS Audio and the reply said that you “should” notice a difference.

Bearing in mind that I will get virtually nothing for my current units, it’s an expensive change over, for a possible small benefit.

Any comments would be very much appreciated.

Have tried recent Transports/dacs, such as Roksan, Arcam etc and the Lambda/Ultralink wiped the floor with them. Full credit to PS Audio for making such high quality equipment that sounds so good 27 years on!

Sorry, i should have mentioned, i only play CD’s and have no interest in streaming etc.

I went from a Lambda to the PWT transport. The Lambda is a great transport, when my drawer gears failed, I used it manually for many years. I got mine used and mainly got it as my CAL Delta wouldn’t play a couple of CDs that I owned.
When I took it home to try it out [dealer loaned], I was not expecting anything beyond it being able to play the problem discs. I have switched DACs that were not as obvious an improvement. Particularly in the bass, until that day, I would have said all quality transports will sound the same.
I assume that you are asking about used components, if not, and you are asking about the current DAC and transport deal. No question in my mind, it will be a major upgrade. I have never heard the Perfect Wave DAC, but you never hear someone say they miss their PWD.
Back to what I have experience with, the transports. I don’t remember the details like I did going to the Lambda. The PWT is better, with one exception, it is not as quiet. I can sometimes hear it between songs. The transport itself, not through the speakers. That might just be mine.
In your second post, I am guessing that you are saying that you don’t need a USB input. I felt that way until 2013, now I can’t imagine not having Tidal. You just need a PC and a USB cable, to get access to so much music.
Without knowing the cost of the used components, and seeing that you are happy, I would probably pass, or just buy the on sale Direcstream DAC, and use your Lambda. When you are ready for the DMP, you can trade in the Lambda, getting full retail or close to it on trade in from PS Audio direct.

You would notice a considerable improvement. And, we’d be happy to take the Lambda/Ultralink in trade.

Yeah, like Jeffstarr says.

Good morning Paul and Jeffstar

Thank you for taking the time to reply to my question. To be honest, I would probably go for a used Perfect Wave dac/transport, as I could get one for around £2500,less maybe £500 for my existing ones, so a £2000 changeover. I really appreciate your offer of a trade in Paul, but I am guessing that it would be considerably more than £2000 for the new items. Also they are on European voltage, not US voltage.

Also, to be fair, I don’t have the perfect listening room, the speakers are either side of the sofa and there is a lamp table and lamp partly in front of one speaker, so not sure I would get the full benefit of the top transport and dac. Also, I am very happy with my existing dac/transport, I just realise that they don’t have an infinite life and if I can get an equal or slightly improved sound with the newer PS Audio gear, I will be very happy with that. Thank you again for your time.

As used PWD and PWT would also better the sound of your Lambda/Ultralink by leaps and bounds. Good choice.