Lb 4 Lb Sytems

I have my secondary system up and running with the purchase of a used Bellari VP-129. I previously owned the same model phono preamp and enjoyed it so it was an easy $105 e-Bay purchase. All of this system was purchased used or discounted close-out models.

Bellari VP-129; Emotiva Mini-X a-100; Pro-ject Debut iii & Speed Box

SignalCable Speaker/Interconnect Cables

Cambridge Audio S20; Bello Stands

When I get my new home addition built, I will add this to my main system and use the amp for my outside speakers and the CA S20s as back-up / in-between speakers, but I am loving this little cheap (relatively speaking) system now.

I’m routinely amazed at how good budget systems can sound. My dipping-my-toe-into-the-water system a couple years back was a Pro-ject Debut carbon with Ortufon Red and Pro-ject phono box S and Yamaha Aventage integrated with Def Tec speakers. And it sounded great! I can nitpick about weaknesess here and there, but at the end of the day it delivered enjoyable sound at a budget price.