My system is complete

I know I’ve said this before but I’ve run out of inclination.


It seems nice.

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There’s a „never“ missing in the headline, but we understand you :wink:


Yeah. Mine, too. Not. :rofl:

Nice stack…a pile of “Big Bang for the buck”, kit.

Great choices/enjoy.

Good for you. I honestly feel I’m approaching that point myself. I just sent a couple of unused pieces to The Music Room in trade for a pair of REL T/7x subs to replace my aging, single Hsu. After that, the only thing I can think of to upgrade is my 16 year old VPI Scout, but truth be told, I listen to so little vinyl, I doubt an upgrade would be worth it.

I was you two years ago (not the same type of gears of course). You need to walk away from this site to have a chance. Do not attend any hi-end audio shows either.


Love the black and tidiness. Do we set up a betting line on how long it will be until your next tweak? Is it weeks, months, or more than a year?

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Well the last tweak took 14 months, so you pay your money take your chance.

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You have restraint of Buddha and I envy you. but your system is complete, and it is hard for me to make any recommendation in tweaks like tubes, cables, or footers. They won’t make much difference I think (I do notice you have some nice ones under the turntable already). :thinking:

I currently have an extra set of 3 of these I would be happy to loan to you to tempt your upgrade itch…or lack thereof. You could try them under the preamp or the CD/Dac. Just a free loaner…not selling them.


That is generous, but involves shipping across the pond!

Nice starter system. The first thing I would do is get a good transport, something like a Jay Audio CD player. You’ll be surprise how much better a good transport will sound. I use to use Oppo BDP 205 for transport, I know.

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With both analog and digital covered, the ear monitors send it over the top. When you can just sit back and enjoy those musical moments however they come, you’ve arrived. Congrats!

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