Leaving the components in standby

I leave the amplifier, PS MK2, Pre-amp in standby mode, when I’m not listening to music. Sonore SE, Matrix SPIDF, ER and Roon server are always ON (they don’t have standby mode).

Is the recommendation to fully turn off and turn the system on? Or just leave the system like I’m doing above?

I sometime don’t listen music for days in a row and feel turning system fully off and then restarting after few days, makes me like the system more (?!)

I too wonder, including full off

daily listening vs once a week for a couple hours vs not using for months

If you don’t listen for long periods, turn the system off.
Some forum members report that their systems sound better when they’re switched off at least occasionally.
As to the “health” of the components, capacitors dry out when they’re used and also when they’re not used. So do what you like.

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Solid state gear can be left on 24/7 and is designed to do so. Tube gear probably should be in standby or off to save tube life.

My source components (server, streamer, DAC, BACCH, preamp) are always fully on.
I put my Pass XA160.8 amps in standby when not listening as they are a 1200 watt room heater when fully powered up. But they too are designed to be powered up 24/7 as they are also solid state devices.

I would agree with Ron that if you are going to be away or not using the system for long periods (maybe weekends only) then fully off is the safest bet.


I’ve always been a full off when not using guy. These days I’m trying to change that and leave components on, full on. I just make sure the displays dim. I like that everything is warmed up and ready to go.

Agree completely with Ron and Baldy on this. For extended periods I mothball my system, and completely isolate it from any power source(s). Typically cover it as well. Several of my systems see seasonal use.

Regarding tube power amps, I do not leave them powered on when not listening. Basically fear of a runaway tube, which can be devastating. My tube preamps typically remain powered up in standby. I have since transitioned to solid state for convenience sake.

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Me too. Tubes might be a nicely distorted sound but too much to keep up with for me.

Been there, done that, sold out for 40% of what I paid or plain gave them away to the nearest interested party.