Best practice to use Power Plant


I just purchased the Power Plant 12 and love it once I start playing my music. The SQ and 3D imaging are completely enhanced to another level. However, I have some newbie questions.

  1. Should we switch off the power plant when not in listening?
    As some Hi-Fi components have a standby mode, if we switch off the PP, the components will be off. Is there any negative effect if we keep the PP on? I tried to put PP in standby, however, the components will not get power. Similar effect to switch it off

  2. Do the PP need to warn up?
    As with most Hi-Fi components, the PP needs warm-up to get the best result? If so, is there any difference between standby and off?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Alex,

I have a couple of those powerhouses in my setup and I will share what I do with 'm:

I keep ALL my stuff on ALL the time. I have no tubes, so nothing to deteriorate over time. Everything is always locked and loaded, ready to go full speed ahead.

Due to nature of my first answer I cannot answer your second… :blush:

I agree with your experience regarding the increased quality.


Your P12 has six zones described on pages 10-11 of the manual. The behavior of each zone can be independently set from your front panel Settings. Page 5 describes the P12’s power modes. The only way to completely turn it off is with the rear panel switch. In most cases, you will be switching between “On” and “Standby” using your remote. Your zone outlets will behave based on how each is set. I believe the default is “switched”. That is why when you went to “Standby” on the P12 your attached components shut down. There is no downside from leaving the P12 in Standby when not in use (other than minor power consumption). I prefer to leave my solid state components, such as my DAC, powered up 24/7 (by connecting to a zone configured as “unswitched”). Hope this helps!


Oh! How stupid I haven’t read through the manual carefully. Thanks a lot for pointing out.

If it has such a design, it is possible to left the P12 always on!

The “Power” (red) button in the upper right corner of the remote will put the P12 into Standby. The larger “On” button right below it will fully power up the P12. The only way to fully shut down the P12 is with the rocker switch on the rear panel. You can leave the P12 “On” 24/7 if you wish or leave it in Standby when not actively listening. Using the zone settings I described in my previous reply, you can control how each reacts when the P12 goes into Standby.

Another great feature of PPs that I use is the 12v trigger. I have my monoblocks back-to-back with my speakers — no easy access to the monoblock power switches.

I set all the PP power outlets to “Always On” and use the PP remote to trigger monoblock power on!

I also use my preamp’s trigger out to trigger the PP, which also turns on the monoblocks; so I get the best of both worlds. If I want warm up my monoblocks, I can trigger them on using the PP, but I also have the option to turn on/off the monoblocks using my preamp!

That a good suggestion! Let me see if I can follow a similar setup.