Audio Components Power on/standby

Hi Folks: Recent new owner of P5, DMP, and DS DAC. Couldn’t be happier with performance. I have a question regarding leaving equipment on/standby all the time. My previous components were always left on, full time. Not in standby mode, but full power on. Only the all-tube pre-amp would be powered off. Never had issues, and my components lasted nearly 15 years without fault.

The P5 only allows components to be completely powered Off or On (I think???). Of course, I can manually override this or simply set the P5 individual sockets to be “Always On”. No problem. Or is it?

The DAC and DMP, and the P5, too, have this beautiful LED touchscreen that I am afraid will degrade if always left on. Yes? No? Can, thru remote control, set to DIM. OK, lot’s of work getting these components each set to standby, DIM, or on/off.

I listen to audio just about every night if not traveling on business, and in most cases only have time for two, maybe three, songs. Then it’s off to bed. On/Off on a daily basis for warm up, 20 minute playing time, and done.

What do you do? Always on? Always off? Stand by? If choice 3, can the P5 be programmed to not completely let the units shut off?

Thanks for listening.


OK, that makes sense, and it is my preference. But that also means the P5 is on all the time. Which further means the P5’s LED screen is always on. No problem?

For me, some get standby, because they have that option, others are off, because they don’t have a standby option. Even my Esoteric clock which only draws 10 watts when on, that gets turned off (Esoteric don’t have a standby option, it’s either on, blue light on. Or off, no lights at all).

You want the P5 on all the time. We don’t really give you much choice since standby is nothing more thasn turning off the screen and the outlets. These products are designed for 24/7 operation over many, many years.

OK, that answers my question. It’s what I’ve always done (with success!). P5 ON all the time; all other components on standby! Perfect.

Oh, and thank you, Sir, for making wonderful products!


Thanks you!

Mine has been on for five plus years (except for when I’m working on the system, or during a potential electric storm). Three of the four outlet sets are always on, the fourth outlet set is programmed.

Encouraging. Thanks! The LED screen does not show sign of degradation?

Probably not one’s biggest problem to worry over. It’s just an LED screen, right?

You can turn the screen off if you would like.

I know I can do that on the DMP and DAC, didn’t know the P5 allows the LED to DIM.

The P10 display can be turned off and I imagine the P5 is the same in that regard.

Can I trade you my nearly brand new P5 for your P10? :grin:

Nice try.

Still works great. I leave it on the dim setting when activated (3-6 hours daily). Sometimes at night I turn off the display.

Several display brightness settings. Bottom of page 10 provides the details.

Edit: Corrected owner’s manual page number

Thanks. Will play with it tonight! I hadn’t seen that on the manual. (OK, I didn’t even open up the manual!)

FYI, you can easily control screen brightness on the fly in the powerplay control screen. Here’s a screenshot of my ipad…check the lower left corner of the screenshot.image

I have firmware version .41 installed. I use the remote to turn off the display completely.

Keep in mind you can program one or more outlets of the P5 to be on all the time, even if the main on/off button in the front is off. This allows you to keep components you want powered all the time to remain up and running, but the P5 screen is off.

When you switch the P5 on, the remaining outlets power up and the P5 screen turns on.