"Let it Be" - The Special Edition Release & Recent TAS Mini-Review

Interesting read:

Great closing line from the cited article:

“Remarkably, when Abbey Road was released in September 1969, John, Paul, George, and Ringo were all still in their twenties.”

Loved the Peter Jackson “Doc-Agrophy”, by the way…worth the time if you have not tackled it yet…


I have the flack version from HD Tracks and it’s remarkable.

I still find it astonishing that in only 6.5 years, their music evolved from Please Please Me to Abbey Road. Only six and a half years, a veritable blink of an eye. And what’s equally remarkable is that in that same scant time they recorded 13 original albums (OK, maybe 12.5 if you deduct the George Martin instrumental content of Yellow Submarine), plus several massive singles that were never on those albums. That pace must have been grueling, both in terms of meeting contractual obligations, and in just being the outlets for their own rapidly changing artistic expression. It’s a wonder they didn’t implode before they did.


Well said. We could add they were also leaders of pop culture change, fashion, dealing with global mega stardom. In the case of Lennon & Ono opening a political front.

Let’s not forget forging international business empire with required net-new business model development and curating of image and presentation in harmony with their goals and ambitions.

There were few boundaries they were not expanding, and the “tax” of overhead which required them to drag along as a growing fir ball for the journey.