Lighting Strike! BHK Pre and DSJr Down!

Lighting struck my neighbor’s tree this evening. Blew bark 30ft over and into my garage. Kids were using the TV that has the BHK Pre and DSJr at the time. The panamax surge protector shut everything down but with a large pop and now the BHK and DSJr will be headed back to boulder for some TLC. The BHK is now popping loudly when adjusting the volume and the DSJr has it’s screen burned out and it can no longer detect the optical input. Luckily the only thing that got zapped in my home theater room was the Apple TV, literally the cheapest component of the entire system!

That’s a crazy picture and story!! Hope you get everything fixed fast!

You might try some new tubes before sending the BHK back. Popping is an indication that a tube or both are ‘done’. Of course, there could be more damage but it’s easy enough to try before going to the trouble of sending it back

I was really hoping that was the case. I was rolling some 6V tubes at the time of the strike so after the popping started I reinstalled the OEM tubes and unfortunately the popping remained.

The good news is that the M700 monoblocks appeared to have survived unphased. I have them hooked up to the pre-outs of an old receiver and they sound fine.

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My house sustained a direct lightening strike roughly ten years ago. It is surprising what can be damaged. Also surprising were items plugged in but yet fully escaped injury.

I suggest a careful review of everything electronic, including wall switches, GFCIs, the main box, everything with a chip inside (a significant list including almost all household appliances), etc.

Close-by lightning strikes are nearly impossible to protect against short of unplugging everything from ALL of your outlets. This includes power, phone, cable, satellite, and Ethernet, and any types of connection which you may have to your household grounds.

So whenever I start hearing thunder, I immediately unplug my entire system.


Be sure not to listen to “Riders on the Storm”!

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Same here… I had all that done. Then put in a claim with my insurance company and purchased new stuff.

Me too.

Check your furnace/HVAC. Had a board fried by a nearby lightning strike. Cost ~$800 to replace. Insurance paid nothing because of our deductible.

Insurance is fabulous . . . until you need to use it.

Couldn’t agree more. A while back we had a bad storm come through and one my neighbor’s trees fell onto our property and caused some damage. Long story short…my insurance company had to pay for the damage and removal of said tree…HUH!!! My agent said some new federal/state guidelines with homeowners insurance because of all the storm payouts in recent years…yeah right :roll_eyes:…and for a bonus!!! lucky me!!! they raised my rates because of it… Damned if you do and damned if you don’t. :unamused:

Wanted to post an update and a big shout out to the service department at PS Audio. They have me back up and running and I’m a very happy customer. Thank you TJ, Mark, and everyone else that helped get my components back up and running!


Now with your biggest issue out of the way, I have to ask for all the tree huggers in this forum and at PS Audio - how is that tree doing?

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