Linear Power Supply for RME ADI-2 DAC FS

I just purchased a REM ADI-2 DAC FS. It comes with a 12 volt 2 amp switch mode power supply and uses up to 24 watts. The DC input jack is marked 9 - 15 volts. However, the manual says it accepts 9.5 to 15 volts. It also says

In case the operating voltage drops below 9.3V the internal power supply of the analog I/Os is switched off…

I was considering a Teddy Pardo 9 volt / 2 Amp LPS as an upgrade, but given the statement in the manual that the analog I/Os will be switched off if the voltage falls below 9.3 volts, I don’t think that any Linear Power Supply rated at 9 volts will work unless they actually output 9.5 volts or more.

Does anyone out there have a Teddy Pardo 9V LPS who can measure the actual voltage output?

Would I be better off to find a 12 Volt LPS instead?

I would stick with 12v rather than risk it.

I just measured it. It’s 9.3V, I’d go with 12V too.

I’m using a linear HD Plex power supply in such cases:

The device can supply many different voltages and is very handy to use as a common power supply for many different devices. But it is not really cheap…

The HDPlex 300W looks interesting with 4 DC outputs (2 are adjustable). I just haven’t found anything in the way of reviews using it for high end audio or comparing it to an LPS like Teddy Pardo, SBooster or Farad Super3. Does anyone with a HDPlex 300W care to share their experience with the HDPlex 300W?