HDPlex 300 LPS Fuse

Could anyone confirm the fuse specs for the HDPlex 300?

Thanks in advance.

Its a 10 Amp for US 120 V.

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Small slow blow

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Thanks. I am glad I checked. I thought it was a fast blow.

All I tried was SR purple. It does well with that signal cable silver resolution cable with foil mods. Also the AB7050HF on its ICs. . What fuse are you planning?

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SR orange which are 30% off today :kissing_smiling_eyes:


I reached out to Larry @ HDPlex, and he gave me this spec for the fuse:
6A fast blow 5x20mm

Mine I pulled out was a 10. That puzzles me. I just viewed it again under magnifying glass. The end was pinched but still looks like a 10. I had put it in the purple fuse box.

I know, I was surprised as well. It also matches the specs listed in 300w Linear Power Supply with 4 independent outputs – Small Green Computer

My 300 was delivered with 10 amps FB, however, I have 6.3 SB SR in there now.

110V vs 230v?

Mine is a 110V

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I did asked Larry @ HDPlex if the 6A spec was for 110V.
He responded:

One fuse for both 110V and 220V.

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This may be off topic, but I like the sound of Roon’s Nucleus+ with HDPlex 300w more than with Plixir. The HDPlex is a tad more resolving and I am not sure if it’s Ghent cable vs Plixir’s Statement cable rather than the power supply itself .

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I swapped LPS between two Rcore LPS one with R-core or Toroidal trano of Zerozone high current LPS supplies and the HDPLEX300 Rcore between Router and my soniictransporter I5. Total 6 permutation of two supplies to all units with stock cables. HDPLEX300 always won on the i5.

Then I ordered Ghent Gotham GAC-4 DC cables for even better performance.