Plugging 3rd party LPS into regenerator! Is it OK?

HD-Plex 300W LPs is en-route to power a couple of audio peripherals. My P15 has a free high power outlet. Would plugging HD-Plex to the P15 have a negative effect on either the P15 or LPs DC output? Thank you for your input

I have my HDPLEX 300 lugged into P20. I never tried it direct on one of my dedicated 20 amp lines but system sounds fantastic with it. It only adds about 150 Watts to my load using two 7.5 rails . and two 12V rails Note my unit was adjusted so 19V rail is 12V, by Larry at HDPLEX. Opening it up I saw no manual voltage adjustment screws for the rails like other common LPS

I could try it straight off a dedicated 20A line tonight perhaps.

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Thank you very much. I am getting the standard version because I need the 19V & 12V simultaneously. It occurred to me that by plugging it into the power plant I could be using two regulators in series which may not be ideal. I look forward to hearing your views on direct connection. Be well and safe.

No it was not me but I do have a rotator cuff surgery scheduled for January. So no system changes for me after that for a few months since all my equipment is extremely heavy. Especially the rack which is around 650 lbs which I have to slide for even cable changes.

Wishing you the best. May you always be safe and healthy.


I have my 300W plugin to my P5. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Good to know. Thank you. I have also learned that it supports upto 245 volts. So, sound quality is what determines where to plug it.