Linn LP12 with Power Plant 12

Hi, I took delivery of a new Power Plant 12 yesterday. I’m still learning all its functionalities, and it is running continuously to burn in. I am absolutely loving it so far.

My turntable is a Linn Sondek LP12, with Hercules power supply. I would like to know whether it is recommended to run this particular power supply on a power regenerator? (And Linn turntables and their various power supplies in general?)

It is not for sonic advantage, but to eliminate an RF problem. So far I am running the turntable from the power plant. I haven’t checked for differences to sound quality, but it does seem as if the RF issue is less noticeable, albeit not entirely eliminated.

If this is a viable option, I would need to remove the South African plug from the Linn and replace it with a US power connector.

I have the power supply to my Rega Planar 10 connected to P15. Honestly, I never compared sound quality with the power supply connected to the wall vs. power plant, but I switch it on for analogue playback only. So, if there is anything to be affected, it would be everything in the analogue chain that is connected to the P15. But thanks for raising this. I should do this comparison.


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I have an LP12 with the Lingo ps. I plug it into my P20 with no issues.