PowerPlant 12 vs Niagara 1200

PowerPlant 12 vs Niagara 1200

This is an excerpt from Steve Huff Photo & HiFi YT community page:

Hers a controversial topic… power conditioners vs power regenerators!! In the pic you will see an audioquest Niagara 1200 next to a PS audio powerplant 12. Over the last two weeks I discovered an issue with my power from the wall. My voltage coming in 128 and goes up a little during certain times of the day. It should be 120. I have a tube piece here for review that buzzed and hummed. So bad I couldn’t review it. When I placed the PS Audio PP12 in, most of the buzz went away. The hum went away. The Powerplant is regulating my voltage to 120 first off. Then it’s also taking the electric from the wall and recreating all new power for the gear. It’s clean, and also free of DC. In addition to solving a buzz issue, I will say that the sound difference is quite shocking to me. I didn’t think there would be any, but it’s not just a little. The bass became much more present. The imaging went from 3D to very very holographic. Soundstage is wider, and top end is more expansive. There is even more body to the music. It really really changed the sound up a bit showing me I did have issues with my power that the Audioquest 1200 was not able to solve. I’m now fully in the regenerator camp. I did try DC blockers, and a few other more affordable options that some others use. This PS audio unit is doing something very very good within my system. I didn’t expect it (expected to return it). Yes I bought it to try for myself. Now for the bad news…. The PP12 is not powerful enough for my system. It’s using 87% of its resources and the fan is always on, which is annoying. I would need the PP15 which doesn’t have any fans and would easily power all of my gear. Debby noticed the improvement instantly just as I did. She said she doesn’t understand how it would do anything. But it surely is, and it’s pretty remarkable. Some swear by the PS audio power plants and some say they are no good. For me it has already fixed an issue nothing else could and is regulating the voltage going to my gear. It has changed the sound as well, luckily for the better. It’s also protecting the gear. A win all the way around. HiFi has some crazy products, and not all are good. But I judge with my ears, as that’s the only tool we use to enjoy music. : ) I just wish these things were more affordable!

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Wow a reviewer that actually tried the equipment instead of just measuring it for noise. Who would have thought.

I do have question for the experts, is the P10 or P12 newer technology?


Don’t quote me but I think the P10 is 2016 and the P12 is 2018.

@jamesh ? Do you know?

The P10 came before the P12. If you took the size and power of the P10 and the DSD processing of the P12 you would have a P15.


I found a regenerator to be of benefit with a valve amplifier, as shown in the picture above. With a different non-valve system, I use a conditioner. Horses for courses. My voltage is a bit low, 218v, but all my components have good power supplies so it makes no difference.

Thanks EGH for your review…I found the same to be true
with mine.

Having gone from power conditioner to my first regenerator P5
then P12 to P15…each regenerator has indeed very markedly
improved the entire sound quality and staging of my system’s

No going back to a power line conditioner for me…
My simple before and after review!!!

Best wishes

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Thanks for posting this. Great review!

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Yeah, P12 is quite a bit newer. The P10 came out around 2011-ish and the P12 was late 2017 to early 2018.

Time flies!

Maybe Paul can have a sale on the P20 like he did with the P15!!!


Hmmmm sounds inviting…

Best wishes

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Does that mean the P10 has a higher rating then the P12 (for amount of power supplied)?

Hey brian…the nomenclature can be confusing…the P12 is a
1200 watt max while the P10 is 1500 watt max capacity.

The P12 replaced the P5, as the P15 replaced the P10.
The P15 and P10 are both 1500 watt max rated.

Hope this helps
Best wishes


Yes. Like @davida said. The P10 was once the flagship regenerator till the P15 and P20 replaced it. I’m not sure of the exact specifics I believe the P15 lowers the impedance noise floor over the P10.


Hey paul172…in addition to what you said …the P15 output
impedance is 2x lower at <0.008 ohm less than the P10’s.
this significant, The P20’s is even less at <0.005 ohm!!

The P20’s low output impedance and unhindered AC delivery are equivalent to less than 50 feet of 12 gauge wire!!

If this were not all, the P series regenerators all have new amplifiers
as well as processors …quite an upgrade over all …

My system has benefited greatly and truly am enjoying the fruits
of my P15!!

These are amazing features!!

Best wishes


Yes good info. I hope to get a P15 or preferably a P20 in my system. I have my P10 on a dedicated 20a circuit wired with 35’ of 10g wire so I’d like to take full advantage of that circuit!


Hey Paul172…These would yield a marked improvement
over P10…

Whereas a P20 would be the one to reach for given you have
a dedicated 20a line, the P20 would really shine with your 20
amp line…

As for me lower back issues give me pause considering the weight
of the P20 as well as not having a dedicated 20 amp line yet.

My P15 was challenging enough to wrestle into it’s resting place…

Though the P20 is pricey…wait for a “special” and thus would be
more affordable. Perhaps even trade/sell your P10 to help fund
the upgrade.

Keep us posted as you go along.

Happy journeying…
Best wishes

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