List Your Experience With DSD Download Services

With the improved DSD rate in our DSDacs it might be helpful if we post our experience with providers. Right now I have limited experience as I’m new to these speeds.

So far:

Reasonable cost and blazing fast download. I have a 1Gb connection and this was exemplary.

I signed up for their membership program. Downloads are fairly priced for what you get.
The download speed is terrible. My first title is still downloading and it’s been 25 minutes and waiting. I’ll need to set up a batch at night and hope for the best.

On Second thought, I used NativeDSD’s download App and it’s certainly faster. It’s an acceptable speed. So all is good now.

3 Likes and have a few DSD downloads, but not many. Download speed is not the problem, the selection is.

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I have a few of the titles listed on prostudiomasters and one of them I would consider excellent.

Having reviewed their entire catalogue, it seems to comprise a lot of jazz tape transfers, a load of Japanese classical artists I’ve never heard of and Pentatone. Is DSD a predilection of the Japanese market?

On NativeDSD the original recording formats are:

PCM 384 kHz 3 0%
DXD 407 20%
DSD 64 1115 56%
DSD 128 42 2%
DSD 256 177 9%
Analog 263 13%

238 of the 2,007 titles are available in DSD512, including many of the Rachel Podger, which were originally recorded in DSD64. There are no DSD512 recordings, all such issues must therefore be upsamples.

So this excellent one, for example, is £21 in the recorded DSD64 format, but you pay an extra £9 for the DSD512 upsample.

You might want to try Blue Coast Music

Almost all their stuff is available in DSD as well as HiRes FLAC. They have a good selection of classical material from SFSO. The recordings are pretty darn good. Unfortunately beyond SFSO they have very little more. But worth a look.