New Download Site?

Has anyone given it a go?

Looks interesting:

Native DSD Music


Yes, they have been around for a couple of years and others have recommended them as well.

They offer free files for testing and listening to various DSD rates, as well as DXD. Click here

Been using them for a few months now! My favorite download site. Even though they are from the Netherlands, the price is very reasonable. Plus they save purchases to dropbox and you can continue to see your purchases and download them again if ever you need to do so. Some sites (Promate’s) gives you 2 chances to download a purchase and that is it. Buy from Native DSD!!! I wish they had more albums, that is my only complaint.

+1 to all this. In addition, if you buy the highest version available (e.g., 4x) they let you download the lower versions (2x, 1x) without paying extra. They also offer combination deals where you can get the multichannel and stereo versions for a reduced price. And you know that all their albums were natively recorded to DSD. All these are very user-friendly policies and I think we should support companies like this.

Welcome to the forum Charles! Thanks for posting your thoughts.