NEW TO DSD music files

Does PS Audio DAC senior run 256 native rate or just 128? I wanted to get a free sample album from Audirvana. They are promoting a DSD website

Can someone explain the basics as how this would compare to FLAC 24/96-192 sonically? Will the sound vary (server) on a song that one would choose a DSD file over a FLAC? I realize this is a format issue but

I’m pretty ignorant in this area!

It will play 2x DSD which I think is 128. Someone else will be able to help with comparative rates. I think if the recording was originally made as a DSD process that format would be best although high quality recordings are hard for me to tell any difference between DSD 64/128 file and a 24/192 FLAC file.

You will have to buy a few downloads and compare to a stream. Rachel Podger is a good example, as they are superb quality ward willing recordings. L’Estro Armonico is on Qobuz in 24/192 and DSD64 on Native DSD. Quattro Stagioni is available up to DSD256. Also on Qobuz in 24/192.

I agree about those Rachel Podger (award winning) recordings. I bought a bundle special from Native DSD of the following 3 albums;

They all sound superb on my system. Many of us know The Four Seasons very well, but this is the best recording of it that I have ever heard.

Over I2S HDMI, 64fs only. Via USB, 128 DSD over PCM.

The DS can do DSD128 (double rate DSD) over USB and I2S (not suprising since the FPGA sees USB as another I2S input.) It can also do PCM at 352.8kHz over USB and I2S.


The manual of Bridge II does not talk about the USB port on the card itself. Any idea what it does?

Does this mean that an album originally recorded DSD Native 256 would not play USB or would default down to 128? It would seem to be a moot point as all the info could not be retrieved by using the USB/DAC. Am I on the right track? (pun intended)

It depends on your player and it’s settings. The DS won’t accept DSD256 but many players will optionally downsample to DSD128.

The USB port on the bridge was originally for updates. It was superseded by Bridge II’s without the port. Online updates through the app are the norm now.

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Worry not. Just download in DSD 128 and will also be cheaper.

Better to go see her perform live - even a socially distanced performance.

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Yes, I’m using PS Audio DSD Senior with obviously an upscale USB cable. So, if I’ve interpreted this properly the PS Audio DAC senior won’t accept 256 at all….Currently I don’t have a music server so I’m on a Macbook pro external SSD using Audirvana. Audirvana does not support DSD in this regard.

Thank you Ted & others. This offers the info I needed & I’m grateful to have this forum in which to learn.
–Still saving $$ for a music server in the future(?)
….I’m saving music streaming $ for the server!

I see. Somehow, my Bridge II shipped with a USB port. The last time it updated itself was sometime in 2019.

Yeah, Watchdog got it. The older Bridges had those ports for Conversdigital to do updates and testing. We never used them. The newer Bridges don’t have them. I think the transition was done early 2019.

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For all who don’t know those Japanese labels yet…they usually sound great and are more widely available now (at nativedsd):

„Octavia Records has given NativeDSD Music the exclusive rights to offer the DSD catalog worldwide, from all of the labels they represent. Some of you may know the Japanese labels Exton, Triton, Cryston? They are all coming to town!“


I’ve just created a post about that news.
As ever, timing is everything! :blush:

Hi Ted, Bridge II with DS only plays DSD 64. If I use DSD 128 it doesn’t work. How do I do with DSD 128 files?
Thanks Regards

DSD128 only works through I2S or USB.