Listening without crossovers

Paul crosses over to the dark side?


Do I foresee a PS Audio patent coming up on a crossover-free line array speaker for near field listening?

Nope. Love to know how, but no clue. Just ramblings.

There truly are some marvelous headphones available right now.

And when properly fed, they can yield a degree of inner detail and resolution that is difficult to match.

Yes they have ‘shortcomings’, but so does any chosen piece of gear.

But details, resolution, seamlessness from top to bottom, bass extension, and palpability, are not among them.

And on some, the soundstage, while quite different, can be as expansive and focused and provide a sense of 3d space on par with all but the very best ($$$$$$) systems.

And I truly marvel at how well the musicality is presented, which in turn triggers Toe-Tapping-Time, for me, a sure sign of musical engagement.