LL and his Large Band are going to be back in town

I’m there!:


Saw LL and his LB years and years ago in PA. He was great! Great music, and his quirky, sardonic, but humorous personality was in full form. :smile:


Big LL fan. Have seen him solo, w/Large Band and duelling w/John Hiatt. Most recent last summer. Never disappoints. Joshua Judges Ruth is one of my reference albums and his latest, 12th of June, he’s as witty, funny and clever as always. Congrats on the tix.

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This will be my third ride on his “Boat” (get it?) at the historic Tennessee Theater, which is an absolute gem of a venue.

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For me too, especially “Church”, “North Dakota” and “Since the Last Time”…

Add “She’s Already Made Up Her Mind”.

I talked to one of his 3 backup singers after the last concert…just to tell him how much I appreciate how they add to his performance. Mentioned my “audiophile” system and how sweet they sound. He was very appreciative and cool.

I received the latest tour announcement but won’t be coming through my neck of the PNW.

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Hard pass.