Joe Jackson big world cd mastered live

I own a copy of joe Jackson big world. It is one of my favorite live albums , and I am not a fan of live albums.

The cd is DDD. but supposedly it was was recoded direct to 2 Chanel as being test mastered over several concerts and when they felt is was right . It was direct to cd . ITs a shame it was not hi Rez. Anyway as I am sure it is loaded with eq and compression and who knows what else . To my ears it sounds as though you are there at the venue. Does anyone esle here know of the cd?

Al D

Hi, I got my album copy in a 4 pack and it does not say live against any of the tracks, though that album reminds me of the Album “Two rainy nights” which is live, and I find it incredibly good and perhaps similar to how you experience Big world I love the Album Two rainy nights :smiley:



I got this album when it was first released and has been my favorite by Joe Jackson. I remember thinking back then how hard it must have been to keep the audience so quite as they played and recorded it. Then I had the chance to actually see him in concert and remember as the crowd got a bit excited durning one of the songs he stopped in the middle and told us all to shut the F up and just listen. We did and he started again. It was a great show!


Yes it must of been. I seem him live about 5 times , . He is defently a different kind of performer . He mostly plays what he wants and not like his albums either. But I always enjoyed the sound it is almost the better live performers just on sheer clarity at his shows. It is written on the jacket how it was done . Does the ambience of the hall come through for you as it does for me ?

I was a fan in the 80’s. I’ll have to look into these albums.

I dare to say but to me most of his albums are very good quality. One exception is look sharp. Good album very clear but EQ to make your teeth jitter. It must be EQ down to listen to. Laughter and lust is a really well done album too and has both studio and live on it. If need be I can send you the live one to you if you like it you buy it.

I liked Night and Day for the music. The recording… not so much. I loved the music in the movie, “Tucker.” I found out later that it was written by JJ.

Yes he has done some music for movies. He is a strange dude. I seem him in NYC beacon thefTer maybe

Great music pa sounded good he had his band and 12 others with strings and horns wow was he good and man was he mad that nobody bought his previous album. He played three songs and every time the applause came he cursed quietly saying yea you like it now €#%£%%£

Wow. There’s no excuse for that kind of behavior.

Yes he is a strange guy. But does great music

He still sounds more pleasant than Miles Davis.

Lmao yes I guess so , so are the story’s true of him , he talked to know one?

Is it true that Europe still buys cd ,s like crazy ?

Wow I even the LP of this but havne’t listened to it in many years. I may pull it now.

Great live album, has good dynamics and clarity. But the cd is DDD.

Al. D

Since it it is DDD I guess that means is went from Perfect (then imperfect) back to Perfect (then imperfect) and magically perfect again.

I’m a huge Jo Jackson fan (seen him perform many times) and I was wandering around in the West Village here in NYC a year or two ago and saw Joe looking in a storefront, and I casually said “Hi Joe.” Well let’s just say he is a much more accomplished musician than he is a human being.

Hahaha . Yea he is not a happy guy. I was at one of the shows there were recording at . Not sure if it was that one. He cursed the crowd for making noise. another time there was an album that apparently no one bought. So at the show he played a few of the songs, when the audience applauded he cursed under his breath but loud enough to hear what he said . It was something about now you like it and nobody bought it…

I seen him a few times as well, it was in NYC mid or downtown. Where was that anyway? I think I did see him at the beacon once but not sure.

Al. D

And as for the DDD part it’s all Greek to me . There was a time being ignorant to it all was bliss and now I just to be it for sake of sanity. I’m kinda glad I do not know all that goes on like elk.

Al. D

Im a huge Joe Jackson fan. Saw him last week at Town Hall NYC doing his new Fast Forward LP which was terrific.

Back to the Big World…I got a copy of the VINYL release. The vinyl version is VERY RARE,but not too expensive,and very well

worth the trouble finding it.

Playing on my VPI TNT/Dynavector 507/Koetsu Rosewood cartridge it sounds absolutely stunning. I LOVE my PSA digital

setup, but there is NOTHING like a properly set up Analogue set up.

Mike S.


Thanks for the review of the show and new album. I have to pick up his new cd, but nowadays am hesitant to buy cd until I know if a high res download will be available.