Red Rocks CO

Mavis,Bonnie and full moon! nuf said.

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Oh man - wanted to go to that one, but blew my concert budget recently.:+1:t3:

The ladies and bands were amazing! And I’m no longer a RR wannabe.


Hope that went well man.

Had it Wednesday! Cheers.

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Was that SP 25th?

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Well worth the drive from NH!

A buddy of mine lives 7 miles from Red Rocks. I would not be surprised if he’s attended 50+ shows in the 20 years they’ve lived there.

I’ve lived ~15 miles away, in several different directions, my whole life. It’s super over rated.

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It was better than the JT show, because I didn’t go to this one😝

Cold, Beef… just cold. :wink:

First saw JT in ‘78 or so. Peak.

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Next time I’ll bring a cushion for this 63 year old boney ass. I’m sure there’s better venues acoustically, but not as beautiful.

I can tell you one thing, the acoustics are a whole lot better at Red Rocks compared to Fiddlers Green.

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