LM324N (quad switch IC)

Hello guys, today I unsoldered a microchip from an old board, named LM324N. It’s not a programmable chip but a switch or something like this. From what I have read the IC I have can be used to amplify voltage. I tried to wire it just like its written in the schematics but from 5V I get 3.8V

Actually, right now I need a voltage amplifier to amplify 5V of the Arduino pin to exactly 15V (or at least 12V if 15 is not possible).

For those who are familiar, please explain to me how this would be possible? If resistors are needed, soon I will have resistors varying from 10 to 1M ohms so tell me the exact resistance needed.

Thank you anyway.

What power supply do you use for the LM324?

In your case:
Vo = 5V ( 1 + (20 kOhm / 10 kOhm) )

Vo will be 15V