Looking for the best VPNs for PC!

Hi, I am looking for the best VPNs that can work properly in PC. Can anyone please suggest some best VPNs for PC?

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I have used NordVPN for a couple of years now. Pricing is fair and performance is good. No noticeable slow downs in web speed.

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I also use NordVPN and have been happy with it.

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Do VPNs work well with Android Auto if streaming music through a Qobuz or similar streaming service to the vehicle?


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The interface to Android Auto is Bluetooth. You will be fine with the VPN running on your cellular connection.

Thank you everyone for your suggestions. But after searching on Google I came across this post that recommended some VPNs that suitable for use. Actually as I am looking for free VPNs, sorry I forgot to mention here, so I selected Proton VPN.

First I installed Sufrshark, but it did not work perfectly. Whenever I checked my IP address after using Surfshark VPN, it did not change. The same IP address was showing.

Then I installed Proton VPN and amazing, it is nicely working.

I dont know how long days I shall use this VPN for free, let see what happen!