Loving my new DS DAC Sr.

I purchased my DS Sr. fifteen 15 months ago. However, it remained in its box until last week, because I shy away from high tech gadgetry, and I was daunted by the prospect of learning about server, DAC, network, etc., which all seemed so complicated. But in fact the learning process proved to be quite simple, and now I want to kick myself for waiting so long to experience the audio pleasure I’m experiencing.

After two days of listening I can report that the sound is gorgeous and exceeds my wildest expectations. I no longer regret giving up on vinyl when digital came along. My DS has had only two days of break-in, but it sounds ravishing already. If it gets much better with age, I’m gonna’ blow a fuse clapping_gifhappy-132_gif

So what firmware are you on? Hold onto your seat…put in a 20 amp slow blo … an upgrade is going to be released in the near future… :slight_smile:

Okay, will do TIMM? I’m using Torreys final smile