Finally took the plunge and got myself DS Sr

I am a big fan of Paul’s youtube channel and started watching with the 7 part series where he puts those amazing IRS V. Have been following, watching and reading about BHK and DS DAC since the beginning. But combination of a small room in UK and budget prevented me from getting either of the two.Finally I decided to take the plunge and get DS DAC to pair with my Primaluna and Living Voice speakers. I currently have two R2R DACs (one commercial and one DIY).
I plugged everything in and the first impressions were underwhelming and I had that dreaded feeling…
But I also had faith based on what i have been following over the years through forums and youtube channels. A couple of days of burning in and now I have already started appreciating what people mean by analogue sound and lifelike voice. My R2R DAC has more in your face presentation and slightly bright compared to DS DAC. So the initial reactions to DS were still a bit mixed as the sound seemed a bit relaxed and soft. But more I am listening to it the more I am appreciating it. Bass also improved over the last two days. Another scare I had that i wish to mention to save some pain for others. I stream tidal through MacBook → USB → DAC. With my R2R everything was fine. But with DS the volume levels were massively varying between songs, some of the songs almost had no volume. But after some google search someone mentioned to turn off Loudness Normalisation (Settings->Streaming->Loudness Normalisation ->Off). That fixed the problem. Overall I am happy, the DAC has Windom installed which I am going to play for a few weeks before attempting to upgrade to the latest version. Thanks Paul, Ted and PS Audio team for such a wonderful product. I like what i hear and i know there is more to come once the DAC has a few hundred hours of burn in.


Welcome, @manoj !

Great report. :+1:

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Welcome, Manoj. Actually, Windom (there is one version for Windows based systems and the other for Mac) is the latest firmware. There is another in the offing (most likely the last one for the DS DAC) but it hasn’t been released as yet.

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Thanks @Elk , @joe-appierto .
Joe, the DAC manufacturing date was Feb 2020 so thought it may have old firmware on it. But thanks for letting me know :slightly_smiling_face: and here is the picture of my LV that i really like