Low output MC through SUT or high gain MC input on Stellar Phono?

i have a low output MC cartridge (Transfiguration Proteous .2mv). Is there any advantage or disadvantage to using a Bob’s Devices SUT with proper loading on the MM 47K vs using the Sellar’s high gain MC input. Is one preferred over the other for sound quality? I can easily go either way.

I would start with high gain MC input on the stellar, then decide whether a step-up transformer is needed. Edit: As an alternative, one could check MC only phono preamps such as Rega’s Aura and Van den Hul’s Grail.

If the Stellar’s 60 or 66db settings give you enough gain (not matching a digital setup) without out excess noise I would stop there. Every added part can just add more noise and cost.

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I use an SUT with my Dynavector (0.28mv/6ohm internal impedance) into SPP MM 47K
I also experimented with MC inputs on the SPP with various loading and gain settings. The SPP makes it very easy to play around with various settings on the fly with remote

That said, I personally prefer the sound with the SUT in the loop. I feel there is more weight to the sound, it it just as quiet (silent actually) and dynamics are improved. I cant explain how a passive device in the path can have such an impact, it doesn’t make sense but it does have a very positive effect to my ear

My SUT(a pair actually L/R channel) were wound to my carts specs by Intact Audio (Dave Slagle) into 47K and provides 28db gain, so overall 72db gain (SPP low gain 44db) mileage may vary with alternate SUT’s, I have only had the Intact SUT’s in my system

Would love to hear your thoughts if you go with the SUT


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I concur with your thoughts. I have and tried several SUT with my .2mv cartridge including a Bob’s devices 1:10 and 1:20 also a Mitchell Cotter type L which is 1:30. My preference with low gain setting on the SPP is with the Mitchell Cotter SET.