LUMIN firmware update: Version 13.0 (release date June 2nd 2020)


Lossless volume control for all LUMIN players.

LUMIN users now have the option to use (at no additional cost) Leedh Processing Volume Control instead of the default processing algorithm.


I just installed the update. Very cool! I have fixed the DSD volume to 100 and I am using the Lumin volume control via Roon. I missed this after switching from the B2.

I’ve been tinkering whilst listening to RP via Roon, and found that the following settings result in a 24 bit output to my DSD;

The LUMIN release note said that the Leedh Processing Volume Control would have no effect if the volume is set at 100%
Even though the signal path indicates only ‘High Quality’, the output is showing as lossless…
Interestingly, when I changed the Leedh processing max volume to 99, the output was 20 bits…
In any event, the 24 bit output is very pleasing to my ears!

I have the same settings. I don’t think the Roon quality indicator understands the Lumin has Leedh and is therefore showing what it thinks is a standard external DSP volume control.

Maybe there is some way Roon can discover the RAAT endpoint is using Leedh and show a different symbol in the future. In any case, it sounds great and volume control is back in the Roon UI which is very convenient.

Odd you saw 20bits. I see 24 with Leedh volume <100 with MQA and local files.

The LEEDH Processing technology is a game changer - great natural sounding music. Some may find that there is no need for a preamp. In my system I use my LTA MZ3 preamp because of the tonal quality it adds to the music. I set the volume controls of my DS DAC and MZ3 to their highest level and control volume using the LUMIN. The canon shots on the 1812 Overture are the clearest I’ve ever heard them.

Same, I tried pulling the pre-amp but the Sugden LA4 adds some warmth that I love.

I agree, Leedh processing is a game changer for me too!
I don’t need a preamp (as I have the Diablo), but was considering a BHK Pre.
Think I’ll now hold off for a while longer…