AirLens volume in Roon

Okay, this is a small but vexing problem.

With the first version of the DS DAC, I controlled the volume with Roon, and it gave me a range of 1 to 100.

With the AirLens, I can set dip switch 6 to enable volume control… but Roon sees it differently, and uses DSP to control it, giving me a range of negative numbers…

Their support board wrote:

Unfortunately, the AirLens doesn’t expose hardware volume for Roon to control volume using the method you prefer, i.e., a 0-100 scale.

This is a minor quibble, but I’d prefer the more intuitive UI.

Any suggestions?


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I have a headphone system from Matrix Audio that uses a decibel scale rather than absolute numbers. It’s not uncommon in the audiophile world.

thanks @Serhan

I’ve seen it as well.

My point was that a UI can display things as the designer chooses, and given that Roon has always (for me) displayed an intuitive 1-100 scale, I was wondering how to turn that back on.

Yes, it feels odd because most of us are not used to non-linear controls, but I am afraid it’s in the software of the device rather than Roon!

I generally do not use the native app control of our dCS Rossini, but if you look in the lower right you’ll see db for volume control.

Pressing the volume icon brings up this control wheel.