Lumin U1 mini: DSD Problems with DSD files

Good evening, I recently bought the Lumin U1 Mini and I noticed a problem: the DSD files are transformed into PCM 353 Khz 24 Bit when the volume control is ON.
When the volume control is OFF the DSD files play regularly. This is recorded by the PS audio Directstream DAC.
How do I activate the “Leedh processing volume” and get files that sound in DSD?
Does it also happen to you who use the Lumin?
Francesco De Palo

It is a known limitation of the leedh processing (I assume that in fact is a limitation of the dsd format, that won’t allow any kind of processing, unless converted to PCM).

Here is a post of lumin representative on audiophile style, on May, 6.

If you wish to control the volume in Lumin app, simply turn on the Volume Control and Leedh Processing Volume functions in Lumin app for the U1 MINI you are using. Note that DSD will be converted to PCM

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Thanks so much. It is a pity that the volume cannot be adjusted with the DSD.