M1200 with electrostats?


I’ve been using a pair of M1200 with Magnepan 1.7i very happily (and sonic frontiers line 3 pre). However, I just stumbled upon a pair of electroststs (Sultanos Virtuoso) that made me think about changing. Any experience with connecting the M1200 with electrostatic speakers? These specific ones?



snark, I’m using a pair of M1200 with Magnepan 1.7i very happily, just like you. With the power the M1200’s have, I don’t see why it wouldn’t drive those electrostats well. I believe they can drive anything…

I would agree. The only real problem with some electrostats is their sometimes sudden low impedance dips that can trigger an amplifier’s protection circuit. I am guessing this wouldn’t be the case with the M1200s and, because of their sound quality (and the electrostats amazing clarity) would be a great fit.

Are you talking about the first generation with 1.5 ohms at 20kHz?
or the 2nd generation with 6.3 ohms at 20kHz?

The 1st generation. Are you familiar with it?

No, am not. Simply looked them up online.
I do have the M1200’s, and absolutely love them. But I have not owned any tough to drive speakers, and have not tried them on speakers that are 1.5 ohms at 20kHz.