M700 or M1200 for speakers with powered subs?

Hello to all,

The following are specs from my Goldenear loudspeakers:

Passive Radiator Surface Area53.36in2 (344.3cm2)

Efficiency90dB 1W/1M @ 4Ω (2.83V/1M)

Frequency Response27 Hz - 25 kHz (-6dB on axis @ 27Hz, anechoic bass response)

ImpedanceNominal 4Ω

Recommended Amplification20 - 650Wpc

Built-In Subwoofer PowerAmplification1500 peak/750W RMS, DSP-Controlled

Note the recommended power spec. But FYI a Goldenear tech told me 150 to 200W is sufficient. Also note they are nominal 4 ohm.

I was looking at the M700 amplifier but really want Class A or A/B performance. Among my concerns is over powering the speakers not that I plan on getting anywhere near the M700s 700W or M1200 1200W. Reading I feel the design of the M1200 will get me closer to what I want. But any amp is just driving the mids and highs. The sub’s 750W amplifier is doing the heavy lifting for the external amp.

I’m thinking for the sound I’d be happier with the M1200 or a strict Class A or A/B.

The loudspeakers can shake dust off the shelves but again they will never (should) be driven that hard. So I’m not worried about clipping or distortion.

I sit in the Realist camp. The music coming from the loudspeakers should be as accurate as possible. Not interested in a “warm” sound or altered highs. Nothing added or subtracted as much as possible. The M1200s are at my price ceiling.

My music of choice is classical. I listen to that with a critical ear. Other likes are rock, new age, country . . . Really anything but bluegrass or metal.


Has anyone heard of the Tonewinner AD 1PA? It is a Class A or Class AB with the option to switch automatically between the two. Very few reviews though.

Much appreciation.

I have the M1200s, currently using them for two-channel playback / left and right amps for my home theater.

They’re great, and to a certain extent “tunable” due to the input stage tube. I think you’d be quite happy with them.

As a comparison, I also have the Odyssey Audio Kismet monoblocks (with substantial upgrades, built in the inexpensive cases), to which they compare quite well. My primary reason for using the M1200s over them is power use, since I’m in California with our insane power prices. The Odyssey Audio amps are best left on 24/7/365, and with three in the system for L / C / R, it’s $100+ per month here for that privilege.

One other option you might consider - unfortunately there’s only a 15-day trial period, so breaking them in and deciding might be a bit rushed - is the Schiit Tyr monoblocks. If you can leave them on 24/7 and get 100+ hours on them, I think you can make a solid decision.

Edit: you might also look into used amps. Pass Labs would be my first choice in that market. Excellent quality, excellent sonics and seems like a good resale market as well.

Thank you for the advice. Maybe I can find some used M1200s. :smile:

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Welcome, @Afinepoint !

TMR (the music room) while not at this time, does have used M1200’s for sale at times. If you have gear to trade in, a call into PS Audio would be good now, while they have a good trade-in offer now.

The M1200’s are fantastic with classical music, as well as jazz. They also sound good with rock.
The tone of your system (if you get the M1200’s) will depend on your preamp.

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I’ll add to the confusion to say that I absolutely love the sound of M700s with my 4-ohm Maggie .7s. That’s not to say things wouldn’t be improved by M1200s, just that it’s possible to be supremely happy with the “little brothers” if the M1200 budget stretch proves uncomfortable.

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Price with discounts: $4198/2098 for M1200/700. Doing the math i realized they are taking 40% off. Thus the more you spend the more your trade-in is worth.

The Tonewinner splits the difference at $3000. Promotion ends July 31. Decisions decisions.

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