M1200's buzz/hiss when nothing playing

Just replaced my M700 with M1200
When i got them hooked up i noticed a buzz/hiss noise coming from speakers.
Hooked up same as the M700 were…2 rel subs integrated as well.
Owners manual says to use balanced cables but im unable to do that as my preamp doesnt have XLR
Any other thoughts on how to eliminate this?
Havent checked it today …maybe its gone? Seems unlikely
Thank you

Noise still there…just low level hiss …have to put my ear near speaker to hear it.
Trying to figure out if this normal or something that needs attention

Disconnected inputs to preamp leaving just mk1200 hooked up.
His still there

It could be the tubes burning in, if it is, the hiss will go away with hours of play.

Thank you
Will see what happens after a few 100 hours

Unplug the amps let them sit for 30 minutes to and hour after that check to see if the tubes are set properly.

Thank you.
Will try the unplug thing
Checking tubes a bit intimidating but guess now that i have equipment with tubes in it i should figure it out

They could of been jarred loose in shipping. I hope not but that would be my first check.

Would tubes in both amps have to be not seated correctly for Hiss to eminate from both speakers?

If it were me I’d pull both and check the tubes. Are the M1200’s new or used? If they are used I’d check the tubes if you have a new pair swap them out. If the M1200’s are new I wouldn’t do anything but contact PS Audio support ASAP.

When my NOS tubes went bad on my BHK pre they produced a hiss. It could be noise from the single end connection but if you didn’t here it in M700’s I say it’s the tubes.

If you hear low level noise only when your ears are 2 3 inches away, it is normal. I hear quiet buzzing noise with my M1200. It also depends on your preamp, solid state vs tube.

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they are new…just got them last night.
Will sit tight and contact PSAUDIO
Music sounds fine but still disappointing
Thank you

Yes. A faint sound with ears directly up to the tweeters is normal.
A loud buzzing sound heard from your listening chair would be a bad tube.

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Don’t touch them and reach out to @jamesh

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How efficient are your speakers? There might be slightly more noise in the 1200s compared to the M700s but I’ve never really noticed it. If you can’t hear it from your listening position then it’s not an issue.

Yes this what im experiencing

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If the noise you hear doesn’t change when you turn up the volume, it is the intrinsic tube noise you are hearing. I had the same experience that you are going through. Before M1200, my speakers were dead quiet even with my ears touching the tweeter. Little hiss/buzzing with M1200 and little more with BHK at about 3 inches away.

It doesnt change
Sounds as though u went through same thing
Preciate the response

I have paradigm prestige 85f and have been told they are very efficient
Cannot hear easily unless close to speakers.
It sounds like most think this normal noise?