M1200 making loud noise

I am having a problem with one of my M1200 amps which is about 1.5 yr old. Several days ago, I heard loud static and high pitched hissing noises from a speaker connected to this amp. I suspected that a premap tube must be going bad, but the tube had only about 1000 hr at most. I have had tube gears in the past but I have never experienced a preamp tube making such noises. Anyway, with a new tube, the amp seemed to work for another few days playing about 1 hr each time. However, a few days later the noise came back after using the amp little over an hour. I was afraid if the speaker was malfunctioning but swapping connection to the other speaker reproduced the noise. I also swapped the input from the BHK preamp to see if the problem was with the preamp but the preamp was fine. Odd thing is after overnight on standby, the amp doesn’t make that loud noises and I could use the amp for about an hour. But after that I could hear noise from 3 ft away even with the preamp volume turned down to 0. Each time I heard the loud noises I was playing music relatively loud at little over 70 decibels and turning the volume down did not quite down the noises. I sent an email to PSA but waiting to hear from them. Any suggestion? Could it be a capacitor(s) going bad?

Based on your description I’d not power up the rig until you have discussed the issue with PSA Tech support. It would be unfortunate if your speaker(s) or other component was damaged due to a malfunctioning amp or preamp. My guess is the M1200 needs to go to the shop possibly a heat related issue in one of the output modules. Let the experts weigh in and don’t tempt fate.


Now that I know the problem was not caused by a tube, I plan not to use the amp. Beside it gives chill when I hear the loud noises. I have numerous electronics but never had one failed on me since Sony TVs in 80s. Hopefully PSA tech service reply to my email within days and not weeks.

Have you replaced the tubes both from preamp and M1200 or just preamp? Which kind of tubes are you using?

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Wish you luck and an expedient solution.

I have gold lions on both pre and M1200. Since the problem I replaced the tubes only in the amps.


Swapping output from the BHK pre, the noise is coming from the same speaker.
Swapping speaker cables from the M1200, the noise follows the amp.

I tend to agree with you, the problem should be related to one amp.

Replacing tubes of the M1200 didn’t fix the issue so I’m afraid you need to give a call to PS staff. I was thinking the culprit could be the tube because after one hour it is growing hot but if you swapped it… mmm you can now exclude that.

Good luck, keep us informed.


I am disappointed that the amp failed so soon but glad it’s not the speaker. I will keep you posted once the amp is fixed. Thanks


I got the amp back yesterday after some delay by FedEx. PSA sent the amp in new boxes and initially I thought they sent me a new unit. I used it for a couple of hour yesterday without any loud noise. However, background noise is still little louder than the other unit. I can hear static noise from about a foot away although I can’t hear it from where I am seating. PSA didn’t provide any information what was fixed. I sent an email to the service department inquiring about the repair, but I have to say the communication with PSA is not good at all.


That’s unfortunate. Usually when folks post here on forums that they’re unhappy with PSA service, it’ll draw some attention and you’ll get a better response. Good luck

my interest in putting together a PSA system is dwindling as I read that the equipment has noises, pops, and buzzes…and that is looks like several enhancements are needed for optimum performance

presuming these are premium products, why not produce premium performance at the factory?

Welcome to the Forum.

FWIW, glitches, issues and bad experiences tend to be disproportionately shared in this environment. Whereas folks with no issues have no incentive to share non-issues.

I am NOT denying or discrediting other’s experiences; just suggesting some context for your consideration.

All that said, based on my experience with several PSA pieces of equipment, both new and used, I would not hesitate to take the plunge in auditioning a piece of PSA kit that strikes your fancy.

In my opinion, PSA has a fair and reasonable audition and return policy. So, go for it! Whatever “it” is.



Agreed on the sharing (you always hear about the failures), and if there’s one thing PSA seems to be known for it’s good customer service. It comes with the territory when having a manufacturer forum on the feedback.


One shouldn’t need to go public to get technical support, but there it is.

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Most requests for assistance are handled quickly and efficiently.

A few call through the cracks. The forum can then serve as a great back up.

When I bought a BHK preamp about a year ago, it came without the voltage jumpers and it took me about a month and several emails to get the jumpers. PSA is supposed to be a premium audio manufacturer and they are good at promoting their products. However, the product service has not met the expectation. The amp is in questionable conditions and there is no communication coming from PSA.

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Have you picked up the phone and called?

You can also contact James directly at jamesh@psaudio.com

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You may be overestimating the number of problem units as a percentage of the whole. Public fora tend to be the place people go to air complaints much more frequently than they do compliments, and for good reason - it’s a way to reach out for help. But I suspect the majority of us have had no issues with our PSA equipment, and that an overwhelming majority of their customers as a whole can say the same.


I was too busy lately and didn’t had a chance to call them. I will email James. Thanks.

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Yup. As soon as forums started internet all manner of equipment: cars, computers, stereo systems, TVs, kitchen appliance and more started having widespread issues. Odd, but I see a direct link to the the startup and spread of fora.