M1220 Ampli with Subwoofer Dynaudio Sub3 - 1 or 2 subs connection

Following Pauls’ video I’m quite sure is better connecting a Sub directly to M1200 ampli via hi level then to pre ampli BHK via RCA. But… I need a trasformer converter from speaker to line audio because my Dynaudio Sub3 has only RCA Input.

I need a help!

  1. Which model is better? Jensen ISO-MAX SC-2NR or the dedicated to subwoofer model SS-2NR?

  2. I really do not understand how to connect the speaker cable IN into CH1 and Ch2 of this Jensen Transformers. Normally I use Banana connector but here form the photo on the website it seems the terminal is only a piace of plastic.


  1. If I want to use only 1 Sub3 is correct the scheme here below?

  1. I’m wondering if M1200 is MONO is not necessary a Jensen Transformer of type MONO? And if so with scheme of connection is correct?

  2. Last question. I’m evaluating to add a second subwoofer because Paul said it’s better and what he says is a sort of audio “bible” for me! In that case, is better to connect the new sub in Daisy Chain to the old one (from OUT RCA of the old into the IN RCA of the new one)? Or is better to put anotherJensen Transformer (the same model after I understand better what asked above) to be connected to the second M1200? It means all perfectly symmetrical…

Maybe it’s too complicate… and a simple connection form PRE BHK to Sub3 via RCA is better for me (in Italy I have to wait a lot for Jensen products and not all models are available) Do you think that it will compromise so much the SQ of the BHK - DS DAC - PW SACD chain?

Thank you for the help and the patience.

It looks to me that your wiring diagram is just fine. Jensen makes some great products and while I haven’t used them for this purpose, my original setup with high level subs was just like this (except I had stereo subs). I would suspect the Jensen specific to subs would be good.

Thank you so much Paul, why do you think a direct connection PRE BHK to Sub via RCA is not so good, how much is not so good in your opinion? It means: it’s awful or just a little bit less good compared to hi level, in my specific situation, for what concerne overall SQ of the chain?

Adding a second sub, anyhow, would be correct to be wired in daisy chain from one to each other?

Again… if you love so much adding a sub (2 subs I know!) due to bass improvement and realism they produce during listening, and you know very well that a large part of subs on the market do not have hi level INPUT, don’t you think that PS Audio Ampli (M1200, BHK and so on) would be an OUTPUT devoted to sub connection, RCA for example?

I follow all of your videos and I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your work, your constantly daily enthusiasm. You help us to love hifi, to live with passion our hobby (mainly during pandemic) and much more… your love for life and humor are contagious (more than covid!).

I hope one day I’ll be able to see you and shake your hand and personally say thank you, maybe in Boulder or why not here in Italy when you’ll come for work or for pleasure.

Thank you for the kind words. It’s not that I think a direct RCA connection is not good. It is. It’s just that I think a high level connection is better because it carries with it the sonic character of the power amplifier for a more natural sound.