Connecting sub to power amp output

Is it possible to connect an SVS Ulta-13PB sub to power amp output as per Paul’s recommendation. The SVS sub has an input level switch - does it remain at low level or are power amps at the level designated high - pro level?

Also is it possible to get an RCA to power amp speaker output socket converter to enable such a connection? I assume Paul means connecting to the speaker connections of the power amp.

I believe that the SVS are “line level only” which means you have to connect them to the “preamp out” terminals either wired or wireless or else you have connect transformers to the speaker or “high level” terminals to reduce the level back to line level. I believe that Jensen makes some transformers although I have not used them. SVS also has a wireless kit but I haven’t used that either.
I am in the same boat as I am looking for replacements to my SVS 3000’s that take speaker level signals. I have the list reduced to Rythmik F12, G12, or Rel T9i.
Hope this helps

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Thanks - but you will not the SVS sub RCA input does have a switch to go from “normal” to “hi-level” - but maybe this is only a higher line level not power amp output level.

If I look at the pics on the web @Baldy is right. There are no “amp high level” inputs. What you see are “high or low low level input” switch.


Give SVS an email or call to confirm. They’re pretty responsive.

I’ve got a Jensen tranny that works great. Search for model SC-2NR.

Feeds stereo subs that only have line level inputs from amp.

Thanks Brett. I remembered someone here having used an xformer but did not remember who. I will also look into this for my new sub connectivity problem.

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Here’s where I purchased:

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Nice. Thanks for the info. :smile:

My Jensen transformer finally arrived - what a difference. Like mist lifting. I suspect it’s corrected a subtle phase shift to allow better coordination between the sub and the floor standers

Thank you brett66!

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Same here. Mine arrived this week and I was able to use them to drive the low level inputs on the subs with the BHK 300 output.
Thanks again Brett!

Picked up a Jensen speaker level to XLR transformer as well. Waiting on my speaker cables with Neutrik SpeakON connectors to arrive so I can connect the transformer between my amp and subs.

Given that the transformer is transforming a voltage signal and drawing virtually no current there is no need to go to any expense on speaker leads to connect the device. Recall we are emulating a pre-amp signal input ie no current all voltage. Also results in no exrta power duty on the power amps.

I have to own up to a PhD in Power & Electronics - but it’s my ears as well as my brain that drives my advice here. (Doctor Anthony Barker).

$6.14 for two connectors, quality of these locking connectors, priceless. Neutrik connectors are the best deal in audio.

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Got you - connectors not the cable. Good thought.

Thanks for the idea Brett! It saved me a lot of money. Went with the speakON to XLR Jenaen option as it works best with an all balances system.