M700 plus...Luxman L-590II and Sonus Faber Olympica III

Hello, I have some idea and really like to evaluate it here.
So, I have solid amp class A Luxman L-590 II and SF Olympica III. It was too emotional to pair them without good audiotioning. SF is not so easy to manage. It has average sensitivity, 4 Ohms but resistance dropped down to 2.5 sometime (I saw measurements). I feel that sound is perfect in vocal frequences (as promised) but not loud and detailed enough in highs. Also, Lux probably have no enough power for bass.
So, I have idea to add pair M700 as power amplifiers to Luxman’s preouts. I will manage easy by Luxman’s remote control and have choice of two kinds of sound by changing power amps. But I can not check in advance how they will sound together and am I right that M700 will change sound to more balanced for full frequences range.
I’d like to get your opinios…

Welcome @Boris99 !

I’ve heard the Sonus Faber Olympica IIIs with the Luxman L-509AX MKII, a much better partner than the L-590 Mk II as it provides more current, albiet Class A to Class AB. The difference addresses the shortfalls you mention, with a slight trade off in midrange liquidity. I still have the Luxman L-509AX MK II, but did not keep the Sonus Faber after the audition. The SF Olympica Nova are and improvement to the Olympica MK III. This I heard recently with Audio Research Amplification, Reference 160SE amplifier specifically. Hope this helps.

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Thank you!

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I auditioned SF Olympica Nova III’s with PSAudio’s M700 amplifiers. The M700’s were more than up to the task and the Olympica Nova III’s sounded great. Haven’t heard the previous version so cannot comment.