Any owners run a pair of Olympicas 3 or novas?

Lol also might be heading into Sonus Faber territory found a buyer for the esl 11s and c18 locally. Any owners run a pair of Olympicas 3 or novas?

Probably best to ask this question outside of the Marketplace. Perhaps in the Loudspeakers section.

I do not own them, but saw, touched and listened to the Olympica Nova 3 on a NAD M33 Eigentakt amp.

The sounded like they looked, just phenomenal. To me and my wife the most beautiful speakers to see. manufacturing quality is the highest I have seen.

If you have got the money to spend, you can not go wrong on these speakers.

The reason I did not buy them is that I did not have the patience to save up the money and we were flabbergasted by the sound quality and looks of the Buchardt S400 Signature Edition on Buchardt stands. They are 1/3 rd or less than the Olympica Nova. I think the Olympica play in a higher league though.

Maybe one day.

Nice, yea debating on picking up 803d4 or Olympica 3s non nova or Olympica 3 nova

The newer Sonus Faber model that intrigues me the most is the Maxima Amator in the same price range. Rave reviews for it’s sound and build quality from everyone that has reviewed them.

I used to own the Olympica 3’s and used them for a few years in my system. They do many things very well… but ultimately… I moved on from them. They were very musical and always presented the music in a likable fashion…never harsh or fatiguing…But…they had a tendency to homogenize the sound which in turn could make for some unexciting listening sessions… They sound staged well and had good imaging capabilities with very good depth and width and a great harmonic structure…but, the achilles heel for me was their lack of resolution,fine detail,bass slam and that ability to draw me into a performance and hold my attention from start to finish. I liked them but I didn’t love them…as always…ymmv

I acquired the Olympics Nova 3’s last year and have owned them now for more than half a year. The workmanship is outstanding. They are wonderful speakers to look at. And the sound is exquisite. I listen to jazz primarily with a healthy dose of all the other genres. They are fed by PSAudio’s M700’s. I believe they can offer more with a better amplifier like a PassLab one.


I have a pair of the Maxima Amaitors driven by a unico 90 integrated. I have to move them a foot or so off the front wall during serious listening sessions, which is a bummer. When positioned correctly they are sweet. Deep/wide sound stage. Vocals beyond compare. Ted Nugent stranglehold off his first solo vinyl: crazy good! Chuck Mangione’s Children of Sanchez sound track vinyl: orgasmic! If SF sound moves your soul and your budget allows theses are a no brainer. 80 sum odd pounds blows though.



Moving them off the front wall for the best sound is normal but if not possible to leave them their due to house constraints then moving them back and forth is the best you can do.

You are correct sir. I’m thankful to be strong enough to lift them instead of dragging them. If I were alone I’d leave them where needed. But happy wife happy life. The solid walnut is a pleasure to look at.

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If you haven’t you might want to look at these to replace the spikes on the bottom of the marble plinth.

Or if you want to keep the spikes and just be able to move them then the gliders that the spikes will fit in to.

I’ve used them for a while and they make moving speakers a whole lot easier. Popular with dealers who are constantly moving speakers around in stores for customers to audition.

Much appreciated Jack. I looked at those products and decided to use the GAIA II product due to uneven pumpkin pine flooring. A 220 year old house requires tweaking at every turn.

Last night I was invited to hear someone’s system. The speakers are Olympica Nova 5s.
The system is all Einstein except the turntable which is AMG.
Insert any audiophile superlatives you can think of, this system has it. Wow.
BTW–The esthetics of the speakers are works of art. He told me that his primary reason for buying the speakers was to please his wife’s esthetic sense.
BTW2—He invited us to visit his NYC apt where he has Wilson Sabrinas powered by CH Precision.
BTW3, his name is Al.

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Won his spouse and his sounds :+1:t2:

I was mulling name change by deed poll, now I know what to choose!

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Sounds amazing lots of love for Olympicas….tbh I would never spend ch money….rather buy a 2nd Porsche macan gts…cars are always 1st then audio.


Billions of people would not spend that money of speakers. That is not the topic and we are not interested to know. There are certainly other forums for you and those who have cars, in particular Porsche as subject.

Ah so opinions are not allowed on these forums good to know that the os audio community is so secluded that they see nothing else thanks.

They are actually. Some folks are just contrary.:man_shrugging:t2: (see what I did there?)

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Back to Sonus faber’s Olympica Nova III please.

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