Sonus Faber Olympica Match

Hello all,

I was wondering if there are any Sonus Faber Olympica iii owners out there who have or are currently mating with the PSA BHK250 amp. They are a 4ohm load with high sensitivity, but I understand that this speaker may have its dips under 2ohm. Curious if anyone has had any experiences and if so, your impressions. Thanks!

I drive my Olympica III’s with PSA M1200 monoblocks with no ill effects. Even though they are different topologies, I suspect the BHK would perform similarly as they share the same lineage.

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The BHK 250 wouldn’t have any trouble driving the Olympica IIIs. In the rare times they do drop to 2ohms, the 250 doesn’t have a problem with this. Would make for a great speaker/amp pairing as well!


Thank you, James. I was asking on behalf of a member looking to purchase my BHK250 and planned to pair with the Faber’s
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@cocobean1 Let me know how that works out. I auditioned the SF Olympica Nova III’s using my PSAudio M700’s and had no issues. Granted that I was not driving them too hard. Shall be taking delivery of them tomorrow.

At some point in the future, I will be looking to upgrade my amps and the BHK 250 is one of the options.


I have been listening to My BHK250 with Olympica three’s for a few years. cardas clear reflection bi-wire cables and it has been an awesome combination. I have been pretty brand loyal to Sonus Faber and Cardas through my past few systems, been all in with PS audio soon after the BHK line came out. its been very satisfying .