M700 Stellar - connections


I have a pair of M700 power amps and I would like to connect them to my DSJ by using XLR cables and to my AV receiver pre out by using RCAs.
The problem is that even when my DSJ is switched off, the RCA connection is not working as long as XLR cables are plugged in.
As soon as I unplug them, the RCA connection works.

Is that intended? Any recommedation how I could make this work without having to plug and unplug cables when I want to switch from listening to the DSJ or TV?


you are connecting two outputs to the same input there. this is a bad idea and may even cause damage to one or both of the sources.

As mentioned, do not do this.

You either need a switch into which you plug the two outputs.

You may be able to connect the DSJ to the AV receiver as a source, with only the receiver plugged into the amps.

If I understood you correctly, you should connect your DSJ output to your AVR’s input, and then AVR’s output to the M700 input.

ok thanks.
Since my AVR is kind of a cheap Marantz, would it affect the Audio quality if I route everything through it?
I was also thinking about a XLR switch that also allows for RCA input.
That way, either the the AVR or the DSJ would be the active audio source