Mac Mini USB audio out to DirectStream DAC

You may want to try a Mac support board. If Tidal can play to the DS directly and if the PS USB is showing up as a device in Audio Midi then it is unlikely the problem is the DS. I suspect there is some other issue with your Mac. Just as an FYI, have you tried this using a standard USB cable? There have been reports that not all audiophile cables work reliably in all cases with this combo.

Well, fooey. The Tidal app allowed outputting directly to the PS Audio DSD over USB along with JRiver, so I was at least able to do that even if other apps couldn’t see the DSD.

But a couple of days ago I applied the latest OS X Yosemite update - and now the Mac doesn’t see the DSD at all. Nothing, nada, anywhere. I’ve restarted both multiple times, switched USB ports, switched USB cable. It was literally playing to the DSD via JRiver as the Yosemite update was downloading, and then after the reboot it doesn’t even recognize that there’s any USB device available for sound. Neither the Sound system pref or the Audio Midi utility show anything on USB. Based on a tip I read elsewhere I also went to Apple menu -> About This Mac -> System Report -> Hardware -> USB to see if anything shows there, and there’s still nothing. (Not sure what it would show as I’ve never looked at that before.)

I’ve tried posting on an Apple support forum but got no response. I’m going to look for a better Mac support forum (any suggestions?) but if anyone has any suggestions… thanks in advance.

You should be able to contact Apple, Google Apple support

Resetting the NVRAM seems to have done the trick.

Not only am I getting the PS Audio DSD showing up for JRiver & Tidal, it’s allowing me to choose it for overall sound output - so browser sound is now going there. Ok, cautious WOOHOO! - been trying to get that going for a while now and it briefly worked before. Keeping fingers crossed that it’ll keep working this time.

Spoke too soon - still won’t stay selected for general sound output, though JRiver & Tidal are fine.

I’m just about to get a Mac mini to connect by sub to my Pwd II.

Is it a simple matter to connect? Do I have to load a Usb driver?


stevensegal said I'm just about to get a Mac mini to connect by sub to my Pwd II.

Is it a simple matter to connect? Do I have to load a Usb driver?


No OS X has a driver (but not Windows), you should have a connection right away.

Thank you, Roger, …

I bought a mac mini today because I was using a ripping NAS server that has software issues and for the second time has to be returned to the manufacturer to be fixed. I think I’ve given up on it.

Anyway, after going back to the mac store to get it set up for sharing, I plugged it in and set it up as quick as a ferret up a drainpipe, just like any mac. Easier than falling off a log. I also downloaded a free app so I can share it from an iPad mini.

The previous set-up into my PWD II was:

  1. Airplay streaming from Qobuz on my mac (to those in the US, Qobuz is French for Tidal) into the PWD using a mini-Toslink into the optical; and

  2. My NAS steamer into the USB socket.

The mac mini now has Qobuz installed for online streaming and jRiver for playing stored files.

I can do these both by either min-Toslink optical or USB. Question: should I prefer one or the other, or are both the same in terms of sound quality?

Glad it was easy set up, I have never used optical to the PSA DACs only USB so can’t say, my guess is most on this forum use USB.