Tidal won't play with DC Sr

All of a sudden I can’t play Tidal on my Mac Mini via USB (with LanRover) to my DS Sr. It happened the same day of the Roon 1.3 update, but I’m not sure if that was the cause. I’ve checked the usual suspects: the Midi settings, etc. Still it won’t play. In fact Tidal is locking up the Mac necessitating a reboot. I might re-install. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar problems.

I’m not entirely sure how the Mac version of Tidal differs compared to the Windows version I’m using, but I know if I want “bit-perfect” audio output that bypasses the Windows Audio Mixer from Tidal I need to go into the Settings menu and choose which output device I want Tidal to use and set it up to use Exclusive Mode. If you’ve previously chosen something other than the System Default option and the Mac can no longer find the device you’ve previously told it to use, I doubt it has a “path” to output the audio to. I’d check there to make sure it’s set to output to the correct USB device/audio output and not some other output device. For instance this is what it looks like in Windows, I’d imagine a similar setting on the Mac versions: