Playing DSD using Jriver from MacMini to DiectStream through USB input

Just want to confirm whether it is not at all possible to play DSD files directly (through USB) from MacMini to DirectStream using JRiver.

It works perfectly well when I use bridge. But when I use USB (selecting Player on left hand navigation pane of Jriver) I hear louts of white noise. Even when I play a PCM with 196/24 through USB I can see the rate to be 192. But the bit is shown as 16.

Is it because of inherent limitation of Mac OS of not having capability to play did or pcm over 16 bits ?



It is certainly possible to play single rate DSD (DSD64) and 192/24 PCM over USB from a Mac Mini to a DS using JRMC. This sounds like a configuration problem, particularly with the bit depth. Check Audio MIDI Setup (in your Applications/Utilities folder) and make sure it it set for 24 bits (I’m not sure this matters when using JRMC but it couldn’t hurt). If that doesn’t do it there is probably something not set right in JRMC.

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Volume needs to be at 100% also


Right (that’s 100% in JRMC, the DS can be set at any volume). If everything is getting truncated to 16-bits, DSD would not play and to me that sounds like a settings issue. Also, can run the bit perfect test but it would almost certainly fail if nothing has changed.

Hi Steve,

Your suggestion helped. I change the bit depth setting to 24bit in Audio Midi and everything started working fine.

Just not sure why for DSD it works only if you set it to 24 bit. Very unintuitive.

Thanks a lot for your help.



Glad that worked Sourav. JRMC is using DoP (DSD over PCM) to send the DSD files to the Direct Stream. Those files are packaged to look like 176/24 PCM. That’s just they way the DSD data is bundled but if they get truncated to 16 bits, the Direct Stream cannot recognize them as DSD files and cannot properly decode them.

Can’t you set the Options in JRiver to DSD bitstreaming and get the raw DSD stream to the DirectStream? The reason I ask is that I set up JRiver to do just that and it still is listing the input as DOP.

I believe the Direct Stream only supports raw DSD over the I2S inputs.

Has this been confirmed? I was going to ask about this because even when I configure JRiver for bitstreaming DSD it shows as DOP on the input line of the DS DAC.

I believe Ted may be working on native DSD over USB but I don’t think JRMC supports it on Macs as they use Core Audio rather than ASIO. See

In any event it really shouldn’t affect sound quality. DoP files are not converted, it’s just a container for the DSD data.

Actually the guys at PS Audio would be doing this, not me. But yes I2S is the only input that supports raw DSD at this time. But as stevem2 says DoP is just a DSD container and is bit perfect so there’s no acoustic benefit to using raw DSD instead of DoP with the DS.