Mad Love For “The Full Monty!”

Monty Alexander, Love You Madly: Live at Bubba’s.


Come for Monty’s piano. Be enthralled by the piano, bass, drums and percussion!
What a great quartet! As though four minds are playing as one. They truly compliment each other.

And, what a great recording! You can hear every luscious, brilliant note. Maybe even better than it was being there?

If you like good music, really, really good music, buy it now!
Currently AOTW over at NativeDSD = 25% discount.

Monty has been recording since before I was born. I can’t believe that I find him only now, in 2024. Even so, a truly joyous discovery!

Monty Alexander – Piano
Paul Berner – Bass
Duffy Jackson – Drums
Robert Thomas Jr. – Percussion


Sounds wonderful…

Too bad it’s not available on SACD or CD. I eschew purchasing formats that can only be downloaded.


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At the risk of opening a can of worms, why only from hard copies? Why limit yourself?

Couldn’t you burn downloaded files to a CD/DVD and play them?

Related to my stubbornness w/r/t having to rely on storage in electronic form in order to “own” and access music.

I prefer to purchase physical media and, where feasible, rip the content for storage and/or playing. I tend to find streaming of most of my files a better experience than spinning discs, with some exceptions, though.

I suppose I could transfer files I buy to discs, but I prefer the reverse route so I have the option to rip or not depending on my storage space and preferences for the music.

I also like the tactile experience of having the “packaging”/cover art, etc. that comes with CDs, SACDs and records (although I don’t have a 'Table in my system currently).

I have made a few exceptions over the years, but only a few.

For what its worth…



it’s on Tidal/Qobuz, for what it’s worth

EDIT: listening now… good stuff. Recorded in 1982!


I appreciate you taking the time to explain.
Worth something. :slight_smile:
Happy listening!

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Glad to hear you like it.
Yup. 1982. From an analog tape.
In case it’s not showing on Tidal/Qobuz, the NativeDSD page for the album has a bit a of a back story of the recording.