Recording you lust for but can't find

Maybe we can create a little clearing house here…

I am looking for a Mobile Fidelity CD version of Little Feat Dixie Chicken.

Lend it out? Or can you point me to a print that is good? I found one on eBay for $197 !!!

The two I have totally suck… muddy and compressed. I certainly can’t believe it was recorded this way… there sounds like a thick moving blanket over every instrument. This is GREAT MUSIC… and it really grows on you… and stands the test of time. Just wonderful stuff.

Post your own desired recordings… this is NOT a post about your favorites, but recordings you want but don’t own.

Bruce in Philly

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You mean something like this?

I think you have to search for Little Feat Chicken because Dixie is offensive and it’s been removed.


I did a search on and found the CD on Amazon for $49.44 + $3.99 shipping plus tax. This site searches for prices across many sites, but does not include discogs. The price for the CD on discogs is way higher.

This is from a good seller…new and sealed:

I’ve been able to find the album below but at prices I’m unwilling to pay.

I have the album on SACD but really want the XRCD.

Charles Munch / Boston Symphony
Ravel: Daphnis & Chloe


YES! That is it. Like to lend it out?

How is the sound quality?

Bruce in Philly

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Just curiuos… Was the XRCD sourced from better tapes than the SACD? Or are you saying XRCD is just better sounding? Or… you are a collector and want to compare and contrast?

Bruce in Philly

It’s a good recording, I got it ripped to my computer, I could send you a jump drive with the files on it.

Uh, guys. No.


oops… OK, I get it.

Bruce in Philly

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You could get this one, one of the great early USA DGG recordings.

I have that one.

I have 20+ XRCDs and, when I compare them to other versions, even SACD, hi-rez, they sound superior. Specifically, they have a gorgeous top-end and stellar low frequency. I’m not explaining it very well but I always prefer an XRCD version.

XRCD: An attempted description

XRCD is still Red Book (16 bit at 44.1kHz). If you used the same analog mastering to make a 24/96 or even a SACD you would get better sound than the XRCD. Some people think XRCDs are played better on some transports…maybe so…but rip them accurately and all that goes away.

Have you read the XRCD process JVC outlines in the notes with the CDs? There is meticulous handling of the master signal and highest quality every step. All of the XRCDs I have are a step above, and I don’t know if subbing high-res medium at the very end can exceed the whole process.

There you go if you are still looking

Yes, of course I have. But guess what, if you start the process with not the best mastering, it doesn’t matter how meticulous you with the process. If you start out with the same mastering but have higher sampling rates or use DSD, you will end top with a better sound. You don’t think that people taking the effort to make a higher resolution release aren’t going to take the same steps that JVC takes with their XRCD release?

Not necessarily. I’ve heard of high resolution files from HD Tracks being exposed as resampled Redbook. I’ve heard SACDs that are noticeably worse than the equivalent CD. I’ve heard crappy high-res and phenomenal Redbook.

I have an unopened MoFi Blood on the Tracks SACD if anybody wants it. I have it on the nice 45 rpm box.