Magnepan 30.7 for condos

I’m excited to see these on tour if I am so lucky. I also hope hope hope they see the production floor.

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Paul your comments on the mid bass integration?

And I, as well. Would love to see Maggies back in the system once again - in a room environment that would otherwise preclude the current 30.7’s and even the 20.7’s.

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Wow. If true I would be seriously interested. I have been hoping … for years … Magnepan would recognize those of us with champagne taste and systems to match who live in smaller spaces would have checkbooks in hand for a scaled down version of Magnepan’s best. As a Maggie admirer for years, I haven’t pulled the trigger because I want the finest Magnepan offers, but the footprint just isn’t small space compatible. Also, maybe Magnepan is coming to the realization even here in the US there is an undeniable trend toward preference for smaller housing. THIS I’ve got to see and hear.

Btw there is a video on the Magnepan website of what these might look like in a condo.

I’ve had a conversation with Wendell about these and I’m pretty excited to hear them.

I would love to hear these too. I’ve liked the Magnepan sound for a long time, but never had an “appropriate” room for them (my room is on the small side and squarish). This may be the answer, but would have to hear them first. I’ve seen this “road trip” mentioned several times, but have never seen a schedule. I think they are keeping it to current Magnepan owners, or at least leaving up to the dealer to invite folks. Assuming all went well, and I think it did, they should show them at AXPONA to get a larger sample size. They could even show them with the 30.7 for comparison.

and Wendell told you … ?

That the experiment was proven to his satisfaction. And that they’ll be expensive.

That’s an issue!

Sad to hear. Maggies have always ruled as far as cost/performance, and I was hoping for the same value proposition but one that worked better with smaller rooms. Guess these new one are destined for the $1million+ condos.

In Magnepan’s defense, these are intended to go where the 30.7 won’t fit.

“Is like drug…I want it again and again…”

Feel that, girlfriend​:fist:t2::cowboy_hat_face:

They have got very rave reviews on the road show. Essentially a 6’ tall by 1’ wide mid/ribbon with a unique bass module (1 or 2?) with a 1 kw amp with DSP. Reason for higher cost is simply the amp/dsp. Still love my big boys - but I have a dedicated big room. :slight_smile:

Spoke with Wendell the other day. He said the 30.7 for condos will still not over shadow the 30.7’s larger surface area. PSA just mention the AN3 is going for 20K. Sounds like I’m ordering the 20.7’s then

Sold my 3.7i’s last night. Sadly I will not be staying with Magnepan.