Magnepan LRS Speaker Cables

LRS’s are on order. While waiting for the back orders to clear, thinking about speaker cables. Suggestions welcomed. Also, what’s the story on the LRS binding posts, do they accept bananas? Which kind? Is bare wire better? The binding posts seem old school idiosyncratic, anything I should know about?

Yes, banana plugs are all Maggies accept.

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I had them. Very straightforward: A hole through which you stick your banana or bare wire; an allen bolt to tighten your thing in the hole.
I recommend Nordost Valhalla 2 for your LRS’s. (it’s not my money :roll_eyes:)


My Maggie dealer (Dave Holmes at Audio Emporium in Milwaukee) is a big fan of Kimber, and believes the sweet spot is their 8PR. He thinks to get substantial improvement over that, you have to spend a lot more. That’s what I got for my .7s, and all I can say is I’m very happy with them. I think they were about $250 for a 10’ pair, terminated.

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Any thoughts on bare wire vs bananas for Maggie’s?

Given that every Maggie I’ve ever seen has sockets (for lack of a better word) for bananas, and not binding posts, I wouldn’t be confident in getting a secure connection. I mean, I’m sure you could insert bare wire, but even with the set screw they now provide (which my old MG-1s never had), I would still wonder.

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I prefer banana personally


Well you are a little bananas Paul… :grin: :wink:


Cardas makes a very good CAB spade to banana adapter $18, if that helps. I use them on 1.7’s.

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What’s confusing is the LRS manual only mentions bare wire. On the phone Magnepan said I could use either bare wire or bananas as long as the bananas aren’t too large.

That’s really interesting. I wonder if the same statement is in my .7’s instructions. Maybe this is the reason for the set screws. As I said, there weren’t any on my old ‘78 MG-1s.

The .7 manual says this:

“ The .7 features unique, high current connectors which provide optimum contact area with the speaker cables up to 10 gauge (or for banana connectors). Simply strip 1/2" of insulation from the end of the cable. Insert the cable into the terminal (observing polarity), and tighten the set screws with the Allen wrench provided. Banana plug connectors can be used and locked in place with the set screws. Spade lug adapters are available from your Magneplanar dealer for spade connectors that are incompatible with the Magneplanar high current connector.”

Not sure why the LRS manual only mentions bare wire when Magnepan themselves says bananas are ok… I guess the bargain LRS price omits manual proofreading :joy:

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There is apparently a second version of the LRS manual let does mention bananas…

Did u edit this cuz in your quote I see bananas mentioned twice?

But in any case. Yes. Bananas are pretty much the connector of choice for Maggie’s. I use wireworld eclipse on mine. Prob too much for an LRS. I heard them at their premier. Very nice in my opinion. If you have Tin Pan Alley by Stevie Ray…play it. :slight_smile:

You’ll be interested to know I possess no Russian hacker skills to bust into the Magnepan servers :joy:. One link ends with LRS/manual and the other ends with LRS_Manual. The later mentions bananas, the other does not. And the actual quote I posted is for the .7’s, not the LRS.

I’m very interested to try the LRS. I’ve never heard a planar speaker before. The 1.7i’s are much too large for my room, and based on Audio Excellence YouTube reviews, the LRS are more to my liking than the .7’s.

@Paul (or anyone who know) - the LRS are power hungry. My Hegel H90 amp is reputed to drive them well, though Audio Excellence in Canada has said that the LRS have rarely put the Hegel in protection mode.

I’m wondering if speaker cable gauge has any influence over such a situation. Is 12 gauge wire more power taxing on an amp than 16 gauge wire?

Seems to me it should be just the opposite


Thanks for the insight. I don’t know about such things :+1:

I have 12 gauge connected to my Maggie .7s. Other than cost, I can’t think of any advantage to going down to smaller cables (such a 16 gauge). If anything I’d want to move up to larger cables such as 9 gauge.