Maintenance or cleaning DMP?

Correct me if I misunderstand, but the reply from Schroedster does not seem to address this issue. Playing blu-ray was an original selling point, but as most or all of us know, this was determined to difficult if not impossible to do without a video out. Playing a blu-ray is not a “modification”, in fact the drive is a blu-ray drive, and should not cancel a warranty. Further, this seems totally opposite of how PS Audio treats warranty claims, so if anyone in the service department thinks otherwise it would seem wise to correct this misconception, correct?

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Indeed. So, when I say I play blu-ray discs on the DMP, I’m making use of a few minor modifications beyond a stock DMP – namely an HDMI cable plugged into the HDMI port on the Oppo BDT-101 board and the USB-powered IR extender I discuss here. You see, the DMP does have a video out and it is fully functional. The following guide describes how to easily turn your DMP into a universal player.

  1. Unplug the DMP.
  2. Open the case. I describe this earlier in this thread.
  3. Plug a network cable into the nework port on the Oppo board. It will be pretty obvious where this is when you open the DMP. Use a cable long enough to reach from the DMP to your switch or router with a bit of slack. The network cable will allow you both access to streaming functions and provide an alternate remote control method as discussed below.
  4. Plug an HDMI cable into the port on the Oppo board. The HDMI cable goes to your TV, monitor, receiver, or HDMI switch. All you’ll be using this for is video.

  5. Drape the cables over the back of the DMP and gently re-seat the cover. You won’t be able to completely close it or put the screws back in, so make sure you keep the screws in a safe place (like a small ziplock bag taped to the back of the unit).
  6. Connect the cables to their destinations.
  7. Plug the DMP back in and ENERGIZE!
  8. Install the Oppo Media Control app on your Android device. If you’re Apple-flavored, go here.

If your network is appropriately configured, your new ‘Oppo’ should be able to find your network. Once it does, the Oppo 101 will show up as an available device in the Media Control app.

Select the ‘Remote’ icon at the bottom of the app. A virtual remote handpiece will be displayed across three screens. The top screen has a button labelled ‘Pure.’ If you tap it, the Pure Audio setting on the Oppo will toggle. By default, it is ON and disables the video out. When ‘OFF,’ the Oppo will display video across the HDMI cable.

Turn the Pure Audio setting off, load your favorite DVD-A or BD or movie, and have fun. SACD song titles will display on your virtual remote, too! The setting for HDCD is in the ‘Settings’ option (the Gear icon) on the main Oppo menu, though it appears that when it’s enabled, all CDs are seen by the DSD as 24-bit, which isn’t really desirable. I just turn it on if I’m playing a disc with peak extend enabled.

Don’t update the Oppo firmware - that may break things.

Turn the Pure Audio off when you’re just listening to audio - you’ll be back to the same level of audio purity you’ve previously enjoyed.

The network access also allows you to use your DMP as a streaming device – you can both cast files to it and use it to browse and play files on your network. It’s a bit clunky and, honestly, a $30 Roku with Plex works better.

You may also consider installing an IR extender as I described here. This allows you to use a standard Oppo remote handpiece and these are more responsive than the app.

At this point, you’ve done nothing irreversible. If you don’t like it, just unplug the cables and put the cover back on and your DMP will be restored to its previous level of crippled functionality.

I’ve taken this a step further and CNC’d holes in the rear panel, installed new ports, and added risers to the Oppo board to make the internal ports more accessible. It makes for a much cleaning looking unit and makes it possible to unplug the HDMI and network cables without opening the case.

If you pursue this option, cables like these might come in handy:

A word of warning: if you disassemble the rear panel, the SD card slot is somewhat difficult to reattach. Study it closely before disassembly.

Have fun with your Directstream Universal Memory Player!


I’m going to say … you’ve posted this before, correct? I conveniently forgot all about it, my memory … not so good. In this context I can see it being a potential issue, but this is fully reversible, correct? At this point I have one, count ‘em, one blu-ray. I bought one since it was of the local “band” (Detroit Symphony Orchestra) and I attended one of the concerts where it was recorded so I couldn’t resist trying it. It played fine, but that was before any of the 3.x series of updates. I should dig it out and try again to see if it still works. My point was, the statement I quoted, in a vacuum, would indicate I was cancelling my warranty by playing that blu-ray. Really? Seemed very wrong, but now I have the “rest of the story” (which I knew and conveniently forgot :roll_eyes:). Ahem, please carry on …

Yeah, playing a blu-ray does not have any impact on warranty.

Service probably got a little spooked when they heard @Peanut_Butter had installed new cables and CNC’d some new holes in the box. However, based on what he’s described regarding functionality and the like, it seems his mods are not the source of any issues. Therefore, we’d still warranty his unit as normal. Well maybe not quite as normal - we’d probably want to give it to an engineer or one of our more seasoned techs to make sure we navigate around his mods effectively.

And just to put it out there… If anyone else is thinking about making similar mods, please proceed with A LOT of caution.


Compliments on your photography skills. Well done!

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Found this old tread today, and may have some helpful information.
I wanted to buy some spare-lasers for my Oppo BDP-103 with Oppomod I2S-card before I spent more money on mods.

I found that Sony Playstation 3 used the same laser-unit, and you can find complete laserunits with mechanics for less than 10 USD.
Search for KEM-480A on Ebay or AliExpress.


An excellent bit of information.