Marantz SACD 30n

I do like my older PS Audio Direct Stream Doc SACD over the 30n. But prefer the operation of the 30n.

Yeah, i am not surprised to read this. What you describe about the 30n is what i have never liked about the Marantz sound. The Ruby is less Marantz-sounding but enough so that i will likely replace it.

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I had a DCD-A100–a very good player.

Agree on the characterizations of 30n and Ruby and marantz sound. Re the Yamaha mention, I also have a cd-s1000 in another system, and I have to say that I really like that player also for the lower cost. It is quite a tank (in a complementary build-quality way) for the current msrp of $1300, but yes I’m glad I have the Ruby over the higher Yam models.

My next one will probably be Playback Designs Edelweiss MPS-6…

Edit: the 30n can be a little warm, for sure (as all marantz can I guess). Best I heard it was when paired with Paradigm Persona speakers, which can be a little forward with the Be tweeter and midrange. Sounded really good together, best I’d heard either the Persona’s or the 30n actually, and I’ve heard both with other combinations.

The Ruby pair (amp and SACD player) was the last Marantz project by Ken Ishiwata. The Model 30 and SACD 30n were done after Marantz fired him (why, I don’t know), so that pair had a different “Sound Master” in charge.

I would be interested in hearing how the Marantz 10, 12, Ruby, and 30 SACD players compare to the PS Audio Direct Stream, if anyone here has managed to listen to both. Like I said above, both companies convert PCM digital inputs to DSD.


I have owned a Ruby SACD , the 30n SACD and currently own a Direct Stream Transport SACD. The DST SACD is my favorite by far - open, full but very balanced. The the Ruby SACD - rich, warm, leaning toward heavy. Then the 30n SACD - rich, warm, heavy to point of being thick in comparison to the other two. I found both the 40n and 30n amps to have the same sound. With the right speakers they would sound great I’m sure. In the long run they just didn’t suit me with either KEF LS50 Metas or Zu DW6 Superfly’s. It was one of those situations were in the beginning the sound draws you in and wraps you up like a warm blanket, but over time the blanket gets a bit to warm.


My experience with the 30n and the PST is similar to others’ here. While I really enjoyed the 30n (it was a much better player than the 8005 it replaced in my system) there’s no denying it produces a “lush” sound. It’s very appealing, and almost intoxicating the way it draws you in. But the PST seemed to pull away a veil (as they all say), and provide a more objectively detailed sound, without any loss of musicality or involvement.

In the end I think I could have lived very easily with either one, even though they’re different. If PSA hadn’t discounted the PST an absolutely insane amount in that October '21 sale, I’d still be listening happily to the Marantz.


Gotta have neutral speakers with marantz, agree with that. Warm speakers and marantz is a bad combo

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Interesting. Thanks for the replies.

I mostly listen to files played through Audirvana Origin. Since it allows plug ins, I use a virtual equalizer to tweak the sound, giving the bass a moderate boost and the treble a slight boost to compensate for the moderate listening volumes I normally use. So whatever excessive “warmth” my Marantz equipment has gets cancelled out by my EQing.