Marantz SACD/CD Player Owners - What Filter Do You Use?

As the thread title says, Marantz SACD/CD Player Owners - What Filter Do You Use?

There are two filters for redbook playback and I am curious which one folks use and why?

I have a new Marantz Ruby SACD player that has these two filters.


#2 - it sounds better


Also #2 here. Also think it sounds a bit better.

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Like KI intented for listening, I use filter 1 on my SA-10. Filter 2 measures better.

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I have been using filter 2 myself, as it seems to allow more ambient info, more treble, through.

Filter one makes everything a bit more solid, but on most recordings it sounds a touch dull on my stereo, especially when compared alongside filter 2.

It makes sense that filter 1 is the default, as it has that warm, Marantz sound.

I’ve only had my 30n a little over a week, so I’m still getting to know it. Consequently I may change my mind long-term, but for now I like #2 better, just slightly, because is seems to remove just a hair of the midrange bloom I associate with the warmish Marantz “house sound,” which in turn seems to allow higher frequency details to shine a bit more. That midrange bloom sound character was the only downside of my previous SA8005.

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Interestingly Ayre CD players had 2 similar filter settings, and they called theirs listen and measure.

I can hear the treble detail with filter 2 as well.

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Tonight I noticed something interesting. I was listening to Ticks and Leeches by Tool and the vocals didn’t sound right. There’s a lot of effects on the vocal, some of which I suspect project back into the mix, for on Filter 2 the image was way off, blurred. Then I switched to Filter 2 and the image snapped into place. I think I will try Filter 1 more over the weekend.