Marantz SACD/CD Player Owners - What Filter Do You Use?

As the thread title says, Marantz SACD/CD Player Owners - What Filter Do You Use?

There are two filters for redbook playback and I am curious which one folks use and why?

I have a new Marantz Ruby SACD player that has these two filters.


#2 - it sounds better


Also #2 here. Also think it sounds a bit better.

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Like KI intented for listening, I use filter 1 on my SA-10. Filter 2 measures better.

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I have been using filter 2 myself, as it seems to allow more ambient info, more treble, through.

Filter one makes everything a bit more solid, but on most recordings it sounds a touch dull on my stereo, especially when compared alongside filter 2.

It makes sense that filter 1 is the default, as it has that warm, Marantz sound.

I’ve only had my 30n a little over a week, so I’m still getting to know it. Consequently I may change my mind long-term, but for now I like #2 better, just slightly, because is seems to remove just a hair of the midrange bloom I associate with the warmish Marantz “house sound,” which in turn seems to allow higher frequency details to shine a bit more. That midrange bloom sound character was the only downside of my previous SA8005.

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Interestingly Ayre CD players had 2 similar filter settings, and they called theirs listen and measure.

I can hear the treble detail with filter 2 as well.

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Tonight I noticed something interesting. I was listening to Ticks and Leeches by Tool and the vocals didn’t sound right. There’s a lot of effects on the vocal, some of which I suspect project back into the mix, for on Filter 2 the image was way off, blurred. Then I switched to Filter 1 and the image snapped into place. I think I will try Filter 1 more over the weekend.

I own the SA-10, Dither set to off, noise shaping 3-1, HP Amp off, now he is one that makes an impact and I fell upon it by chance I switched the HP gain setting from mid to the low setting by chance when I was checking phase and wow, it made a positive impact, clearer, tighter sound with more weight and detail. I switched it from low to med, to high and each one gave a different presentation. My guess is that it does impact the gain out of the SA-10 and I would guess the lesser-priced unit the 30. So check it out. Dither 1 sounds OK, but you lose detail, and imaging is a bit more defused, bass has more slam with it off, and more depth also. Power Cord is huge in its sonics, AQ Tornado really bright the SA-10 to full glory.

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The human brain is so funny. I had read that filter #2 sounds “more analog”. Tried both filters, and preferred #2. But now that I read your post that says #1 has the “warmish Marantz house sound”, it makes me think I ought to like #1 better as I really like midrange bloom and warmth :joy:

Today I acquired a native DSD256 recording of Beethoven’s Symphony #9 (Pittsburgh). We’ll see which filter survives the shootout!

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I would first say that difference between the two settings is subtle. Then I’d say that filter 2 gives a nice open sound. This open sound might not work so well for early CDs, or CDs mastered with extra treble. For these, I use filter 1.

I wish there was more settings, like a filter 0 that does what filter 1 does, but a little more.

Still, 99 percent of the time I use filter 2.

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I just got a new Ruby also but haven’t used it yet. Building a new system from the ground up and don’t have the preamp yet ………

You don’t have to wait. The headphone jack, internal headphone amp and volume knob on the Ruby allows you to listen to it all by itself.

Bump for any new Ruby/30n owners.

If anyone wants to be a 30n owner, contact me. :wink: (Or an SA8005 owner.)